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21.Which of the following is not true of the Genetic Code?
A.Each amino acid has only one codon
B.Each codon codes for only one amino acid
C.It comprises the set of rules relating nucleotide sequence to amino acid sequence
D.It is organized by triplets of bases, each corresponding to an amino acid
E.It is universal (shared by all living organisms)
22. During translation, amino acid chain elongation occurs until _____.
VVVV. All of the tRNA molecules are empty
WWWW.No further amino acids are needed by the cell
XXXX. The polypeptide is long enough 
YYYY.The ribosome encounters a “stop” codon
ZZZZ. The ribosome runs off the end of the mRNA strand
23. At one point as a cell carried out its day-to-day activities, the nucleotides GAT were paired with the nucleotides CUA. This pairing occurred _____.
AAAAA.At the ribosome 
BBBBB.During DNA replication
CCCCC.During transcription
DDDDD.During translation
EEEEE.When an mRNA codon paired with a tRNA anticodon
24. In order for transcription to occur, there needs to be a recognition sequence for the RNA polymerase. This sequence is called a _____.
FFFFF.AUG (start) codon   
25. The function of tRNA during protein synthesis is to _____.

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