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All throughout school I had many people whom inspired me. But one

person whom inspired me the most was my science teacher Mr. Mark

Perkins. Mr. Perkins was an people whom always kept an smile and always

motivated his students exspirally me. When I first met Mrs. Perkins, I had no

idea how tremendously he would impact my life. I have been privileged to

have him as my teacher for two wonderful years. Each day I cannot wait to

enter his classroom and enter the mistery world of science. Mr. Perkins has

always encouraged me everyday diligently. He sincerely cares for each of his

students and listened to any concerns they might have. He has always done

more than required. Mr. Perkins was also ahead of the science team called …show more content…
So keep your head high, keep your chin up, and most

importantly, keep smiling, because life's a beautiful thing and there's so much

to smile about" he so inspirational.

Mr. Perkins has always been the teacher that goes above and beyond.

He is consistently at schoolearly and stays late. At 7:15 AM on Monday

through Thursday. Mr. Perkins takes each of his responsibilities seriously,

and he has an amazing attendance record. He always hates it when he cannot

come to school, and Mr. Perkins often ensures that we are left with a nice,

talented substitute. Additionally, Mr. Perkins recently worked with the school

musical. That required staying past 5:00 PM each night for rehearsals, and

coming at 5:30 PM on performance days. During the play he had to do

lighting, music, and sound effects. Mr. Perkins also is ahead of stage crew

and must help run many of our school’s assemblies. This means he often

assists with slideshows and any other objects that are used in a presentation.

Many tasks would not be completed if Mr. Perkins did not kindly volunteer

to pitch in.

In conclusion, Mr. Perkins has done so much for me. He

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