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Required Resources
Read/review the following resources for this activity:
·         OpenStax Textbook: Chapter 2, 6, and 7
·         Lesson
·         Weeks 3 and 5 Excel Spreadsheets
This week’s lab highlights the use of probability and normal distribution.
Follow the directions below to gather data, calculate using Excel spreadsheets, and interpret the results.
The deliverable is a Word document with your answers to the questions posed below based on the data you find.
Required Software
·         Microsoft Word
·         Microsoft Excel
Steps to Complete Week 5 Lab
Use the Weeks 3 and 5 spreadsheets to help you answer the questions below.
Step 1: Survey or measure 10 people to find their heights. Determine the mean and standard deviation for this group by using the Week 3 Excel spreadsheet. Post a screen shot of the portion of the spreadsheet that helped you determine these values. How does your height compare to the mean (average) height of the group that you surveyed? Is your height taller, shorter, or the same as the mean of your group?
https://lms.courselearn.net/lms/content/1560/56100/MATH225/w5lab1.jpgData Example of 10 people with different heights
Step 2: Give some background information on the group of people you used in your study. You might consider using the following questions to guide your answer.
a.    How did you choose the participants for your study (sampling method)?
b.    What part of the country did your study take place in?
c.    What are the age ranges of your participants?
d.    How many of each gender did you have in your study?
e.    What are other interesting factors about your group?
Step 3: Use the Week 5 Excel spreadsheet for the following.
a.    (Use the Empirical Rule tab from the spreadsheet). Determine the 68%, 95%, and 99.7% values of the Empirical Rule in terms of the ten heights in your height study.
b.    What do these values tell you?
c.    Post a screen shot of your work from the Week 5 Excel spreadsheet.
https://lms.courselearn.net/lms/content/1560/56100/MATH225/w5lab2.jpgWeek 5 Spreadsheet Example
d.    (Use the normal probability tab from the spreadsheet). Based on your study results, what percent of the study participants are shorter than you? What percent are taller than you?
e.    Post a screen shot of your work from the Week 5 Excel spreadsheet.
Example: If my height is 73 inches, then 20.86% of the relevant population is shorter. The other 79.14%, of course, is taller.
https://lms.courselearn.net/lms/content/1560/56100/MATH225/w5lab3.jpgWeek 5 Spreadsheet Example
Step 4: Be sure your name is on the Word document, save it, and then submit it under “Assignments” and “Week 5: Lab”.

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