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Part 2:

· Using the major business performance management (BPM) processes, describe the general process of how the case study organization will collect data that are relevant to the following:

o Strategize

o Plan

o Monitor

o Act and adjust

· Describe specifically how the organization will formulate a business performance plan, as follows:

o Conduct a current situation analysis.

o Determine the planning horizon.

o Conduct an environmental scan.

o Identify critical success factors.

o Identify the type of report you will use and why

o Complete a gap analysis.

o Create a strategic vision.

o Develop a business strategy.

o Identify strategic objectives and goals.

o Determine how Data Mining works

o Implement the data mining process within your organization. Determine why you are using a specific one.

o Build a technique for predictive model

o Determine if you are using the different types of ANN architectures/or not

o Recognize the implementation of the Understand the concept and formulation of the k-nearest neighbor algorithm (kNN) in your business and specify the reason.

o How would use the difference between text analytics, text mining, and data mining

o All sources should be cited both in-text and in the References section using APA format.

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