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Do not change original paper. Only adding more. Need to describe the results to see that the results support the conclusions reached. Not just the conclusions of each study.

Freeman 1
Content Analysis Paper
Professor: Milburn
Date: 03/17/2019
Freeman 2
Content Analysis Paper
Most traditional advertisements have lost efficiency, which has resulted in leaders in
marketing searching for newer tools to facilitate them in getting knowledge of the processing of
information and consumer behaviors. This has led to efforts from various fields such as psychology
and neuroscience in bringing new perspectives in television advertisements through analysis of the
processes that are related to decision making. These efforts have addressed the need for persuasive
communication, which is achieved by impacting the emotional of the viewers. The emotionalbased advertising has, as a result, become common in most television adverts, as brands aim to
create an emotional bond with consumers. The following paper evaluates television
advertisements. It hypothesizes that television adverts are designed to influence the emotions of
the viewers.
The effect of popular music on television advertisements on branding
The research was conducted with the aim of examining if the music that accompanies an
ad in a television influences the connection of the consumers to the brand. It investigates the role
of this music in emotional connections of the consumers to the brand, which establishes customer
loyalty. The study uses several surveys that are based on the Likert scale (Jillson, 2014). It was
carried out in Bryant University, with the students being the respondents. The research question
was based on the television adverts of Starbucks and Nike companies. The results suggested that
the music in television ads has significant impacts on brand association since they comprise many
technical, social, cognitive and emotional components that influence the feelings of the consumers
Freeman 3
and their ultimate decisions for purchase. The study was chosen because it addresses the
connection between music and human emotions, which determines the consumers’ decision.
Television ads are being developed from a perspective of neuroscience, with an aim
adapting to new social contexts of the market. The field of neuroscience is being integrated to
allow the markets to navigate through complex and unconscious motives that surround consumer
behavior. A research was conducted with the aim of investigating the relationship between the
audiovisual advertising messages and their impacts on the emotions of the target audience. The
investigation involved an experiment that was conducted using eight audiovisual adverts. The
messages were hypothesized to contain emotions such as disgust, fear, happiness, anger, joy, and
surprise, besides other technical specifications (Fernandez et al., 2017). Various neuromarketing
techniques such as electrodermal activity- ADA and electrical activity of the heart- ECG of the
subjects were used. These techniques were used to analyze the behaviors of the respondents about
the content of television advertisements. The research also integrated conventional research
methods such as questionnaires, which were used to collect data from the respondents. The
questionnaire was used to capture the subject of emotions as the respondents were viewing the
advertising messages. The researchers achieved to gauge the efficiency of the advertisement
messages by recalling different elements that were influenced by the emotions that were contained
in the message. The study found out that when the advertisement is integrated with research, its
efficiency is improved (Fernandez et al., 2017). Advertisements were found to have emotional
elements that influenced the viewers to recall various aspects. For example, the ones that had
attractive messages were found to have high potentials for agitating the emotions of the viewers
Freeman 4
by raising their attention and recalling their experiences as the message was being aired. The
research was selected for analysis because it provides a detailed examination of the influence of
television advertisements on the emotions of the viewers.
TV Viewers Emotionally Bond with their Advertisements
Another study was conducted to investigate the connection between the quality of content
on television advertisements and their emotional attachment. The study was conducted on adults
using surveys. It established that adults spend more time of television each day, than they engage
in other activities such as shopping, eating and watching movies. 82% of the respondents affirmed
that they switch on their televisions for entertainment (Clancy, 2017). The emotional bond for the
viewers was found to extend beyond the TVs to discussing the trends in the content of the adverts
that are aired. Some of the viewers extended their discussion on a specific advert to social media.
An example is the featuring of the top trending adverts on Twitter. The research also found out
that millennials spent twice the amount of time spends on computers on TVs. This research was
selected for analysis because it provides a comprehensive overview of the behaviors of different
categories of the consumers, the adults and the young generation, and the influence they experience
from advertisements.
From the discussions above, the level of attractiveness of adverts is greatly influenced by
the content of the advert. They have stimuli that are related to the response of the brain through
the emotions of individuals. Marketers are emphasizing on the need to understand the consumer
behaviors, which is reflected in complex mental processes that motivate the viewers of adverts
towards their objectives. Advertisers are increasingly becoming aware that most human decisions
Freeman 5
are made automatically and intuitively through emotional influence. These tactics have made
advertisement efforts to be successful in achieving the set objectives.
Freeman 6
Clancy, M. (2017). TV viewers emotionally bond with their advertisements. Retrieved from
Fernandez, B, Ganzalez, B. M, Esteban, G, R, Gomez, M. A. (2017). Evaluation of emotional
Jillson, A. (2014). The Effects of popular music in television advertisements on branding.

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