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ASSIGNMENT- RESEARCH PAPER is to be 8-10 pages (including title page, abstract and bibliography.  You will cover a summary of what impact three academic disciplines have on the topic, using APA research format identify the points of view of “experts” familiar with your topic, and your own thoughts about what you learned from this experience. A tip: Make sure the disciplines are crystal clear and identified in the beginning of your work. No time for an instructor scavenger hunt !

Remember this must be an original work!!


Research Proposal
This research will look into non-randomized, multiple-site and naturalistic techniques
that correspond with the use of psychotropic drugs and the effects they have on prolonged
therapies. Having approximated 100 patients as participants within six randomly selected
hospitals that have diagnosed and scheduled these patients for psychotropic therapy, the study
will then narrow down on patients diagnosed with schizoaffection, schizophreniform disorder
and schizophrenia. All the patients must be above 18 years of age and be able to provide
informed consent. To ensure the results are not skewed, the research wil l only consider
patients who have been never been in a clinical drug trial or those who have at least 30 days
after their last trial.
i. Chen, H., Patel, A., Sherer, J., & Aparasu, R. (2011). The Definition and Prevalence of
Pediatric Psychotropic Polypharmacy. PS , 62 (12), 1450-1455.
Längle, G., Steinert, T., Weiser, P., Schepp, W., Jaeger, S., & Pfiffner, C. et al. (2012). Effects
of polypharmacy on outcome in patients with schizophrenia in routine psychiatric
treatment. Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica , 125 (5), 372-381.
iii. Tiihonen, J. (2012). Polypharmacy with Antipsychotics, Antidepressants, or Benzodiazepines
and Mortality in Schizophrenia. Arch Gen Psychiatry , 69 (5), 476.
iv. Zink, M. & Englisch, S. (2012). Treatment-resistant schizophrenia: Evidence-based
strategies. Mens Sana Monogr , 10 (1), 20.
Academic Disciplines
Below are the three academic disciplines as defined in relation to the research
i. Nursing – This is a collaborative and autonomous care of persons in all settings, sick or well,
in groups or communities, in families, and as individual entities.
ii. Psychiatry – A study on emotional and mental disorders.
iii. Pharmacology – The field is concerned with the modes, effects and use of drugs.

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