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(TCO 6)
When thinking about the Graduate Record Exams, applying to graduate
school, and studying for midterms, Nichole starts to have sweaty palms
and a racing heart. It is MOST probable that Nichole is responding to
(Points : 5)

Question 2.
(TCO 6)
According to Holmes and Rahe, a person who scores over 300 on the Social
Readjustment Rating Scale is more likely than are people with lower
scores to have what kind of experience in the near future?
(Points : 5)

A higher chance of becoming ill or having an accident
More frequent changes of job
A divorce
Commission of a crime

Question 3.
(TCO 6) Researchers have found an association between daily hassles and _____.
(Points : 5)

hypertension and obesity
heart disease and schizophrenia
cancer and heart disease
colds and headaches

Question 4.
(TCO 6) A calm, patient, relaxed attitude toward life is associated with _____.
(Points : 5)

an underachiever
a Type B personality
a cancer patient

Question 5.
(TCO 6) Primary appraisal refers to idea of _____.
(Points : 5)

deciding whether a stressor is harmful, threatening, or challenging
deciding what types of coping strategies are available
deciding to use defense mechanisms to deal with a stressor
deciding to directly deal with the stressor

Question 6.
(TCO 4) Cells that are triggered by light, vibrations, sounds, touch, or chemical substances are called _____.
(Points : 5)

sensory receptors
ganglion cells
bipolar cells

Question 7.
(TCO 4) Entering a movie theater from outside on a bright sunny day will cause temporary blindness due to _____.
(Points : 5)

dark adaptation
light adaptation

Question 8.
(TCO 4) A person can have between _____ taste buds in his or her mouth.
(Points : 5)

6,000,000 and 120,000,000
500 and 10,000
20,000 and 50,000
100 and 1,000

Question 9.
(TCO 4) Confusion of the vestibular sense leads to _____.
(Points : 5)

motion sickness
cognitive dysfunction
A and C

Question 10.
(TCO 4) The aspect of color that corresponds to names such as red, green, and blue is _____.
(Points : 5)

fine detail

Question 11.

(TCO 6) This question has three parts.
(A) Define Type A, Type B, and Type C personality characteristics.
(B) State the characteristics that place Type A personalities at risk for heart disease.
(C) State the characteristics that place type C personalities at risk for cancer.
(Points : 10)

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