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Minimum: Three Full pages
or more(not including Works Cited)
For this assignment, you will explore the elements of poetry. You will concentrate your main argument for
this paper on analyzing a poem or poems you choose from the textbook. One tendency we readers of poetry tend to
have is to inject a storyline into our readings of poetry. While it is true that some poems have
storylines, the main characteristic of a poem is to pull our attention more
dominantly toward experience and ideas.
In other words, the images, tone, metaphorical comparisons, similes,
rhythms, diction, and so on that the authors create force us to think about the
ideas that are implied by the poems. The
storylines in poetry usually become secondary as a result, even though they,
too, may aid in implying the main ideas.
So, your task will be to explain what those ideas may be and how those
ideas are expressed. Suggestions:In your paper, cover at least four of the
major elements of poetry used by the author in the poem or poems you
choose. This applies to each of the
following suggested options: 1.
Find two or more poems that express similar or contrasting themes. Compare and contrast the methods that their
authors use in their writing to get these ideas and experiences across to
us. As part of the thesis and focus of
your compare and contrast paper, give a purpose for comparing and
contrasting. To reveal the similarities
and differences is not enough. 2.
Find more than one poem by the same author. Choose your original poem from the reading
list on the syllabus, first. Then, if
there is not another poem by the same author on the syllabus, you may choose
one from the textbook. Compare and contrast
the author’s use of the poetic elements.
Demonstrate and explain how both of the author’s pieces generally
express his or her main ideas. 3. You may choose to focus on
one poem by one particular author. Pick
this poem from the reading list on the syllabus. Concentrate on explaining how the author
conveys th

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