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Describe how the change model is useful to the selected PICOT question

continue the development of their EBP project proposal by adding the new sections of:
• Research Table Critique with reference citation and permalink for each reference
• Theoretical Framework
• Change model.
Selected PICOT Question:
PICOT Question
PICO question: In healthcare providers, does instructional exercise program and wellness initiative as compared to non-instructional exercise program ensure healthy work environment?
P – Healthcare providers
I – Instructional exercise program
C – Non-instructional exercise program
O – Healthy work environment
Criteria for Content
1. Research Critique Table
• The PICOT question is presented after the title of the table
• Students will select four (4) research-based studies and complete the Research Critique Table following the format noted in the sample.
• All selected research-based articles must be consistent with the selected PICOT question.
• Complete citation of selected research study is required in the column labeled as Citation
• Permalink for each research article is required and located in the column labeled as Citation
• Reference list is required located Research Critique Table
• The required column headings are:
o Citation
o Purpose of the research
o Research design and sample
o Data collection methods
o Results
o Strengths and limitations (both must be identified for each research study)
2. Theoretical Framework
• Explain the theoretical framework that will be used in this project consistent the with PICOT submitted
• Describe how the theoretical framework is useful to the selected PICOT question

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