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Question 14 aa, ff, or gg are all indicative of a gene that is
homozygous dominant
homozygous recessive
 heterozygous dominant  
heterozygous recessive  
environmentally affected 
Question 15 Hh, Bb and Gg are all representative of a gene that is 
Question 16 Several siblings are playing when a fight breaks out. Their mother hears the commotion and breaks it up, then demands to know what happened. Sammy says that his brothers told him that since they all have widow’s peaks and he doesn’t, he must be adopted.
What is/are the possible genotypes of someone WITHOUT a widow’s peak?
WW or Ww 
 Ww or ww  
WW, Ww, or ww 
Question 17 Which of the following would not be considered a behavioral trait? 
a dog that loves to fetch  
a cat pounces on any small moving thing  
a rabbit avoids being out in the open
the brown coat color of a deer provides camouflage in the woods

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