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Project description
First Long Paper

Due Date: 6 May 2016

Due Date of Revision: 13 May 2016

Your first long paper will be comparative in nature. You are to write a 5-6 page critical analysis of two texts. One of these texts must be either Heart of Darkness or Light in August; the second text must be an outside text, one that we have not read or discussed in class. Text in this case has a broad range, meaning you can choose a visual (film, painting, photography, architecture, etc.) or a written (novel, short story, essay, etc.) text. Your task is to focus on connections such as themes, motifs, narrative patters, etc. in these two texts. In essence, you will be creating a conversation between two texts by analyzing their similarities and their points of divergence.

In your paper, remember to address how the texts compliment each other as well as how they contradict and modify each other.

As always, your paper should include a clear claim from which a focused and logical analysis follows. Refrain from summarizing the texts. A summary is the what of the text; an analysis is the how and the why. Remember to provide textual evidence that supports your analysis; consider how parts of a text are presented and explain the significance of smaller components to the whole.

Refer to Ramblings in Support of Writing, which is on Canvas. My notes include guidelines that should be met in order to satisfy this prompt.

In addition to submitting your paper electronically, bring in one hardcopy of your paper to class on Monday May 9th for peer review.

Paper Format Guidelines

All papers should follow the MLA style. If you are not familiar with MLA style, this website is a very useful guide: https://allaplusessays.com/order (Links to an external site.)

All papers should use 1-inch margins and a size 12 Times New Roman font. Please include your last name and page number on each page either in a header or footer. There is no need for a cover page but the upper left corner of the first page of each paper should include:

Your Name

Instructors Name (Yasi Naraghi)

Course (C Lit 240A)

Assignment Due Date

Title of Assignment (Example: First Short Paper or Revised Draft.)

Each paper requires a title. It should be centered and there is no need to underline, boldface, or italicize it.
Instruction files

instruction_for_paper.docx(12,89 KiB)

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