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Tasks 2 to 5 are to be handed in as your report
The scenario for the report is based on the “A Curious Case Study” that is Appendix 1 of this document. The case study is about a very unusual business set up for an extremely niche market.
The case study covers the life of the actual business from the initial ideas through to its current business operations. This case study and the links to the business’ current websites are to give you a broad understanding of the business and its environment.
You are to assume that we are at the end of the feasibility phase of starting this business and we are just launching the project to get the business set up.
 Appendix 2 of this document contains the beginning of a work breakdown structure, WBS, for the scenario. There are several major portions missing. You are to select ONE of the missing portions and treat it as a complete sub-project for tasks 2 to 5.
WBS Portion                                                             Description
Supply Chain & Management                       This covers getting the products manufactured and made into retail packs for sale. You need to consider the unusual suppliers. This business has no employees so “management” will be management of the suppliers and the products delivered.
Marketing    This business has an extremely niche market spread all over    the planet. You need to consider how the business will reach its potential customers and business associates.

Websites      The business is run on-line from “home” with no employees. You need to consider how the differing websites needed are to be developed and maintained.
Classes                           Even though the business is selling physical products, the main income stream will be from selling the on-line classes developed by the business owner. You need to consider development, management, sources of material and scheduling of the classes.

TASK 2) Stakeholder and Communications Management
2A) Explain why identifying the stakeholders and doing stakeholder analysis will be of benefit for your specific sub-project.
 2B) Draw a simple power/influence stakeholder matrix for your sub-project showing the main stakeholders or stakeholder groups.
 2C) Explain why three (3) example stakeholders or stakeholder groups are relevant for your sub-project, one (1) each for three (3) of the quadrants in task 2B).
2D) Produce a top-level communications plan for your sub-project using reasonable assumptions for the main stakeholders or stakeholder groups you have identified.
TASK 3) Work Breakdown Structure and Schedule
3A) Create a one-page, top-level WBS for your sub-project identifying the major deliverables and the major components for each deliverable. Remember: you are working with a sub-project, so you have to consider deliverables for all process groups –initiation, planning, execution, monitoring & control and closeout.
 3B) Create a WBS dictionary for the components of ONE of your sub-project deliverables that includes a brief description for each component and any relevant risks or assumptions.
 TASK 4) Risk Management
4A) Identify and describe FOUR or FIVE potential risks for your sub-project. You should have at least ONE positive risk, (opportunity) as well as negative risks. Note that something that is certain to happen is not a risk, it may be a benefit if positive or a constraint or issue if negative. These type of items should be handled elsewhere in the project.
4B) Using the qualitative risk matrix from the “risk” lecture, allocate a score for each risk or opportunity.
 4C) Propose a response for the TWO highest scoring risks or opportunities, using the risk response terms shown in the lecture.
TASK 5) Procurement Management
5A) Identify the main types of suppliers involved with the deliverables of your subproject.
 5B) For TWO of these types of suppliers propose the most suitable type of contract that the business will have with them. Explain why this type of contract is the most suitable, taking into account any relevant constraints mentioned in the case study.

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