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HS150 World Civilizations I
Lesson 2 Exam
Question 1Which inhabited region of the world is the least thoroughly explored even today?
Question options:
North America
South America
Question 2Who is credited with creating the concept called the “Mandate of Heaven”?
Question options:
Wang Mang
Duke of Zhou
King Wu
Wu Di
Question 3The Long Count is based on a cycle of __________ solar years.
Question options:
Question 4Which of these groups retained traits that resembled the earliest Amerinds?
Question options:
Question 5Kongfuzi is more commonly known in the West as:
Question options:
Wang Mang.
Wu Di.
the First Emperor.
Question 6Which of these made the Bering land bridge possible?
Question options:
Rising seas
Human migration
An ice age
A period of drought
Question 7Which of the following accurately describes the first inhabitants of North America?
Question options:
They were farmers.
They were very warlike.
They were nomadic hunter-gatherers.
They were not of Asian descent.
Question 8In which area of society did the Teotihuacanos and Maya differ greatly?
Question options:
Question 9Who was the “feathered serpent”?
Question options:
Hernán Cortés
Question 10What does Dao mean?
Question options:


The way



Question 11Why are the remains of oracle bones so important for Chinese history?
Question options:
They bear the first use of Chinese writing.
They demonstrate the origins of Daoism.
They record the arrival of Buddhism in China.
They provide information about the Xia dynasty.
Question 12Unlike cuneiform, writing in ancient China developed:
Question options
for trading purposes.
using pictographs.
in a religious context.
with the emergence of civilization.
Question 13Teotihuacán was distinguished from contemporary Amerind cities by its:
Question options:
dependence on trade.
focus on war.
Question 14Cahokia was part of what Amerind culture?
Question options:
Question 15What unique Olmec artifacts were found at San Lorenzo?
Question options:
Elaborate burial mounds
Sophisticated iron tools
Huge wheeled carts
Immense stone heads
Question 16Which of the following locations represents Mesoamerica?
Question options:
Central and South America
Northern Mexico and southern North America
Southern Mexico and southern Central America
Mexico and northern Central America
Question 17During which dynasty did the “Era of Warring States” occur?
Question options:
Question 18Why is the term “Native Americans” rejected by some historians and anthropologists?
Question options:
Because the term “Indian” was used first
Because the first people on the continent were actually Europeans
Because the first people on the continent were actually Africans
Because no human life was “native” to the Western Hemisphere
Question 19Which river is described as “China’s blessing”?
Question options:
Yellow River
Question 20Why is more known about the Shang than the Xia dynasty?
Question options:
The Shang is about a millennium earlier.
The Xia left no written records.
The Xia left no physical remains.
The Xia is known only from folklore, while the Shang far better documented

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