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Social Psychology focuses on the
impact (positive and/or negative) other people can have on our self-concept
and/or our behavior. In your writing assignment for this course, you must
demonstrate your understanding of course content by applying your learning in
the essay you create. Use at least three Social Psychology terms/concepts
correctly in each of the two components in this
assignment. Include a citation for each reference to the text or other resource
(parentheses with author of text and page number), and include a list of
references at the end of your paper (following APA guidelines).The first paragraph of your paper
must be an introduction to the paper in which you explain what is in the paper.
This should be a restatement of the assignment components as you will address
them including the purpose of the paper and the questions you will seek to
answer and howyou will answer them. For the “how” part,
hopefully, you’ll say something brilliant here like “analyzing…. and
applying the concepts, theories, and research from the course materials in
social psychology…”
Your overall assignment must be
3-4 pages in size 12 font, black print, New Times Roman font style,
double-spaced. Make sure you spell and grammar check your paper for full credit.
Grading for the assignment is a total of 100 points
1) Content – addressed questions
thoroughly and thoughtfully, applying concepts, theories, and models from
course content. Half of the grade for
this assignment is based on your application of social psychology concepts from
this course to support and interpret your points throughout this paper.
The point of the assignment is for you to demonstrate your understanding of the
course content by applying it effectively here. Also not just name a
concept in your paper; explain what it means to show you know understand it.
2) Organization – follows an
orderly, logical process of introducing and applying concepts while responding
to the questions in an essay format
3) Form (spelling, grammar,
punctuation, APA documentation)
4) Follows APA guidelines
(correct citations and references)
This assignment covers two
subject areas: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy and Obedience. These must
be two different situations. You may not use
the same situation for both parts of the assignment.
Part 1:
>>>For the subject of
Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, refer to your text and also read “Teacher
Expectations for the Disadvantaged” by Rosenthal and Jacobson
http://courses.umass.edu/psyc360/rosenthal.pdf (copy
and paste to web browser)
Part 1. Looking back on your
life, how has another person’s expectations of you changed you and/or the
course of your life?
1) Thoroughly describe the person
who had expectations of/for you and the situation.
2) Explain in detail how this
impacted you (i.e. your self-concept and/or your behavior) at the time?
3) Then describe how this has
this shaped you and/or your life course
4) Thoroughly apply the course
concepts, theories, and materials in interpretation of throughout your
Part 2.
>>>For the Obedience
component of the paper, refer to your text and also read the article,
“Behavioral Study of Obedience” by Stanley Milgram
(copy and paste to web browser)

Looking back on your life, how
has your obedience or compliance to an authority (or your lack of obedience or
compliance to an authority) impacted you (i.e. your self-concept and/or
1) Describe in detail the
situation and the person (or group) asking you to comply or obey.
2) Explain what you chose to do.
If you were in a group, was your behavior different from those around you or
the same?
3) Thoroughly describe how your
choice and the consequences impacted you (i.e. your self-concept and/or your
4) Thoroughly apply the course
concepts, theories, and materials in interpretation of throughout your
Remember this is to be written
as an essay addressing the questions asked and not as a list of brief answers
to the questions.

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