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Visit the Cochrane Collaboration Oral Health GroupWebsite.

Scroll down and click "Full list"to look at the review titles that this group has researched. Notice that many of the topics or questions reviewed have implications for dental hygiene practice, and offer a window into what some of the current issues may be in the oral health profession. Pick a few titles that interest you, and read the abstracts of the reviews. Pay special attention to the Main Resultsand the Reviewer's Conclusion. A title with the "Results" symbol in front indicates that the abstract includes all components. Note:This site allows you to read the abstract only, not the full-text of the review.

Select the one review that interests you most from Cochrane Oral Health. Be sure it is one that has the "Results"icon/symbol in front of it, which indicates that the abstract includes Results, to ensure that you will see a full-review.

Write a brief paper (approximately 500 words) on the abstract including the following:

APA Title Page

  • Remember to include a title page, and to double-space the paper. Also, repeat the exact title on page two; centered and in upper and lower case

First Section(written in third person and in your own words)

  • Title of the review. Note:When referencing the title of a journal article or a book title (within the text/content, as part of a written paragraph), use upper case for important words, and place the title in italics. For example: The title of the Cochrane report reviewed is Interventions for Cleaning Dentures in Adults.
  • What was the central question that the reviewers tried to answer?
  • What selection criteria did the reviewers use for determining inclusion of studies?
  • How successful were the reviewers in finding studies and/or research that met their selection standards for inclusion in the review?
  • Describe the Main Results.
  • Describe the Reviewer's Conclusions.
  • At the end of this section, include at least one APA in-text citation (author, year). Be sure to place the citation before the period of the sentence. This will be your first practice in doing this, so please review the following:

Second Section- Personal Thoughts (written in first person and in your own words))

  • Conclude with your thoughts on the main results and reviewer's conclusion and how this may or may not affect your clinical practice as a licensed dental hygienist.

Reference Page

  • Include a Reference page. This will be your first practice with creating an APA style Reference page, so please review the following:
    • Cochrane Reference Example
      Sample Reference page for a Cochrane Collaboration source.
      The information that you need to create the citation can be found within the online Cochrane abstract, including the doi. However, you will need to construct the citation so that it is APA style (the citation included within the Cochrane abstract is not APA style). NOTE:Your Reference page will have just one resource listed - the Cochrane review that you chose for this assignment, and will also coincide with the in-text citation of your source.
    • Cochrane Report Example
      Sample of this Cochrane Report assignment. It is not perfect, but it will give you an idea of what the assignment should look like.

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