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consumer behaviour
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Essay Writing Process

1.Topic Write your topic as a statement or a question.
How important is consumer behaviour on marketing today?

2. Statement of intention (50-60 words)
This essay will discuss what consumer behaviour is, how important is consumer behaviour on marketing today and its impacts on marketing, and the strategic and marketing implications of consumer behaviour. I will also provide some recommendations for the marketing to progress for people who make marketing strategies need to understand and consider it.

3. Thesis statement (Your point of view)
One of the most important strategy is consumer behaviour on marketing. There are some of positive and negative effects on consumer behaviour. However, it plays an important role in business. The business management is normally performed based on the analysis of the established strategy and changing business environment. Especially, changing in consumer behaviour has a significant impact on the overall business.

4. Essay map
Please provide a preliminary outline based on your own thoughts about the topic using dot points only. How might you structure some of the points in the body of your essay?
• The importance of understanding customer needs and preferences
• The social of customers
• Consumer responses to globalisation
• Marketing
• Promotion
• Management strategy
• Advertising
• Market research
• Changing the consumer behaviour
• Business environment

Can you please include my reference in this essay?
NICA, E. (2013). MARKETING IMPLICATIONS OF CONSUMER BEHAVIOR. Economics, Management & Financial Markets, 8(1), 124-129. if possibe.

You should consult at least five references. Try to use a variety of sources, such as journal article, books and valid internet sources.

At least Two of your sources must be academic journal articles retrieved from the University of Canberra database.

When using the internet, always make sure that you evaluate what you find according to the criteria in ‘citing material from the internet. All sources should be acknowledged using the APA or Harvard system and you must include a complete list of references.

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