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Forum 5a:

Los Angeles is known for its smog, but air quality has improved since the 1990’s and so have children’s lungs. The percent of children with lung defects has decreased from 8 out of 100 in 1998 to 3.5 out of 100 in 2011 and is applauded as an environmental success story (N Engl J Med 2015; 372:905-913). For this forum, you are going to find, read and report on a scientific, peer-reviewed research article. The topic is air pollution’s effect on exercise and sports. For example, air pollution was a big concern for the Olympics held in Beijing, China and Rio, Brazil. What impact does it have on athletic performance and health?

You are to find a scientific, peer-reviewed research article. The best place is the library or PubMed. Do not report on a peer-reviewed review paper on the topic. Remember, a review paper summarizes several original research papers. You can use a review to help you find a scientific study. Also, a research study paper usually has the following sections: abstract, introduction, methods, results, conclusions, figures and tables. A review paper does not have these sections.

In your initial Forum post:

  • list your selected article
  • provide the reference for your chosen article
  • describe the study and the results
  • state what the study concludes
  • evaluate the article. Do you think the study made appropriate conclusions from its data? Was the study designed correctly to address the hypothesis?
  • Finally, provide your opinion on the matter. Be sure to justify your position.

Your initial forum post must be at least 300 words

Forum 5b:

Topic 1, Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Methods Studies

There are several different types of research data. We divide these into qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods.

For this forum, find one example of the study type you are assigned. Tell the class the following:

  • Complete reference of the paper
  • The kind of study
  • Why you feel it is that type of research

The study type you are assigned is based on the first letter of your last name.

Study Type

First Letter of Your Last Name





Mixed Methods


Post must be at least 150 words

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