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CLASS BOOK: Understanding Human Communication / Edition 13

Length: 4 – 6 minutes

Visual Aid: Required

Speech Transcript: Required

There are two parts to this assignment – a presentation and a full-sentence transcript.

This assignment details the presentation assignment only.

To review the Speech Transcript requirements – click here.


  • The purpose of this assignment is to show you how to connect the concepts and key theories from human communication studies to your personal life.
  • Choose a particular moment in your life in which you learned a valuable lesson or fact.
    • It could be something you learned in hindsight or something you are still trying to understand
  • Expand on this topic by focusing on how this lesson learned connects to a key term, theory, or concept from the textbook. You will be choosing your concept from a list of topics provided below.


  • This presentation should be an original effort to convey a story about your experience to your audience in an interesting manner.
  • You are playing the role of the teacher for this assignment. You must teach us the concept accurately while explaining to us in detail how this concept connects to the story you are describing.
    • You will do this by recording yourself delivering your speech and uploading the video.
      • Video uploads can either be via Youtube with a link sent or can be uploaded directly to canvas through this assignment submission.
      • Since your presentation is being recorded, this does allow you to practice and perfect the art of presenting! Make sure the audio quality is good, that there are no distractions in the background of your video, and that your face is in the frame of your camera.
      • You are allowed to have notes with you during your presentation, however you should not be reading off them the entire time. You should be making eye contact with the camera, using hand gestures and acting engaged – just watch any famous YouTuber for tips and tricks on how to engage with the camera.
  • While you will be conveying a story in this speech, you must still follow the speech organizational pattern: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion!
    • You will be required to have 3 outside sourcescited within your presentation, as well as cited in your speech transcript (Hint: the class textbook is 1 source! Find 2 more!).

Presentation Grading Criteria (15 points)

  • The speech should be interesting, competently presented, and should be appealing to your audience.
  • You must demonstrate full understanding of the key terms/concepts/theories you have chosen – choices listed here – to connect to your experience, as well as have that personal experience connect back to the concept used in a coherent manner (no square pegs in a round hole).
  • 3 outside sources must be orally cited within the speech.
    • Oral citations must include: Author, credibility, title, and date of source.
    • All sources must be published within the last 5 years to meet accuracy standards as described in class.
  • For every 30 seconds over/under the time limit, there will be a 1 point reduction in final speech grade. This means practicing the speech content to meet the time requirements is important!

Thank You


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