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lease write a 1-2 page report consisting of a ten point (1 -10) commentary about the following videos  (one paragraph per video), reflecting the key information you learned and any important impressions you developed. Please post it on this Assignment Board. Each commentary should consist of a few sentences, not phrases or just words. Please note that this assignment will be graded individually (x/10 points) and has a deadline. Collective Feedback will subsequently be provided.

Global Resource Networking – Kilian Kleinschmidt (approx.. 24 mins)



What if we helped refugees help themselves (approx.. 17 mins)


From Disaster response to disaster prevention (approx.. 12 mins)



Haiti Earthquake aftermath




Japan Earthquake aftermath  (approx.. 13 mins)




WHO Emergency response


WHO New Health Emergencies Programme (approx.. 4 mins)



WHO Emergency Response Surge Training (aprox. 6 mins)



Epidemics: WHO calls for change to global response (approx.. 7 mins)





Doctors without borders:


Doctors without borders (approx.. 10 mins)


Ebola crisis (approx 5 mins)


Epidemics:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uLtf65u3ps  WHO calls for change to global response (approx.. 7 mins)

Responding to international health threats (approx.. 7 mins)




UNHCR Global Trends data (approx.. 5 mins)



Understanding the Refugee crisis (approx.. 10 mins.)


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