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•       Choose  an organization form the following Industries:


-        Australian Dairy farmers

-        Hybrid car (choose one brand)

-        Australian wool industry

-        Business schools in Australia

-        HSBC

-        Bank of China

-        Organic food

-        Health and fitness industry

-        Research industry (example CSIRO)

-        Any non profit organization like Red cross or Salvation army

-        Any small to medium size company in Australia


•       Discussion on theory maximum 20%


•       This assignment is in report form with the following headings:

-        Executive summary

-        Clear and concise target market, segments and positioning (includes positioning mapping) followed by the company

-        Comments on both Micro and Macro environmental forces affecting the company

-        Brief analysis of consumer perceptions and behaviour about the brand/company

-        Marketing Mix (brief discussion)

-        Your comments or any recommendations


•        References Harvard style

•        Research at least 3 to 4 academic articles on the topic

•        Students need to submit a soft copy on BB and hard copy on Lvl 6 by due date.

•        To do well groups need to do a quality research and follow the structure with application of marketing concepts.

•        For presentations, students need to be in the class at 9am on Mon even if you are presenting later in the session so the class is not disrupted. There is a danger of loosing 10% if you do not follow the guidelines. 



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