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HS150 World Civilizations I
Lesson 3 Exam
Question 1Who was the first Athenian dramatist of the Classical Period?
Question options:
Question 2How did the political systems in Athens and Sparta differ?
Question options:
Athens didn’t have hereditary kings; Sparta did.
Athens was not a military dictatorship; Sparta was.
Athens allowed women to vote; Sparta didn’t.
Athens allowed all people to have a voice in the government; Sparta didn’t.
Question 3What was the goal of the Delian League?
Question options:
Monopolizing Aegean trade
Defense against Persia
Defeat of Sparta
Alliance against Athens
Question 4The destruction of which empire made possible the rise of Persia?
Question options:
Question 5Zoroastrianism is best considered __________ earlier Persian religious traditions.
Question options:
a rejection of
the same as
an evolution of
unrelated to
Question 6Greek colonies were centered on the:
Question options:
Danube River valley.
Tigris and Euphrates river valley.
Mediterranean Sea basin.
Nile River valley.
Question 7The Parthenon is a temple dedicated to:
Question options:
Question 8Which people formed the Seleucid kingdom and ruled in a manner similar to the Persians?
Question options:
Question 9The type of government in which a small group of people rule society is known as:
Question options:
Question 10How did the foundation of Persian civilization differ from the foundations of other ancient societies?
Question options:
It developed without the use of agriculture.
It developed without a strong central government.
It developed in an area without river valleys.
It developed without connections with other civilizations.
Question 11Which of these was a key challenge faced by Cyrus the Great?
Question options:
Defeating Greek rebels
Uniting a culturally divided kingdom
Pushing back the Macedonians
Gaining support for his heir
Question 12Which of the following best describes the results of the Peloponnesian War?
Question options:
Athens defeated the Persians and rose to prominence as the most powerful Greek polis.
Athens defeated Sparta and took control of the Delian and Spartan Leagues.
The Greeks basically destroyed each other and opened the door for conquest by the Macedonians.
The era of Athenian dominance was ended, and Sparta became the dominant force in Greece and eventually defeated the Macedonians.
Question 13Which Greek people revolted in 499, leading eventually to war between the Greeks and Persians?
Question options:
Question 14Which man unified the Persian tribes and eventually united the Medes and Persians?
Question options:
Alexander the Great
Cyrus the Great
Question 15The rule of Cyrus and Darius resembled each other in what way?
Question options:
Both failed to conquer Egypt.
Both conquered extensive new territories.
Both succeeded their fathers as Persian kings.
Both died peacefully.
Question 16The Greek polis was a/an:
Question options:
alliance of cities.
independent city-state.
open space where citizens could assemble.
farming village.
Question 17Which of these models appears to have been most influential in Alexander’s plans for his empire?
Question options:
the Akkadian Empire
the Delian League
the Persian Empire
Hammurabi’s rule
Question 18Communication was difficult in Ancient Greece because of:
Question options:
geographical barriers.
religious differences.
language differences.
political regulations.
Question 19What was the relationship between Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations?
Question options:
Minoan settlers probably created Mycenae.
The Mycenaeans probably borrowed from Minoans.
The two emerged independently.
Mycenaean colonists created the Minoan civilization.
Question 20Alexander the Great was unable to conquer India because:
Question options:
the Indian army proved to be too powerful.
Alexander’s men staged a mutiny.
Alexander lost the will to fight after the death of his mother.
the Chinese army crossed the mountains and helped India fight.

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