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20-37INSIDE ORDER TAKERS                                              COMPREHENSION
Which type of salesperson would routinely be involved in an industrial straight rebuy situation?
a.an outside order taker
b.an order getter
c.a missionary salesperson
d.a sales engineer
e.an inside order taker
20-38INSIDE ORDER TAKERS                                                    APPLICATION- 14 –
On a recent shopping excursion at a local Target store, Jim Krause went from aisle to aisle selecting the products he needed. He bought a variety of products, including shampoo, toothpaste, a green plant for his office, and several pair of socks. Interestingly, the only salesperson Krause encountered was the person at the checkout counter. The checkout person at Target is an example of a(n) __________.
a.inside order getter
b.outside order getter
c.temporary order getter
d.inside order taker
e.outside order taker
20-39INBOUND TELEMARKETING                                                KNOWLEDGE
The use of toll-free telephone numbers that customers call to obtain information about products and make purchases is referred to as __________.
a.inbound telemarketing
b.outbound telemarketing
c.outbound videoconferencing
d.interactive marketing
e.multichannel selling
20-40INBOUND TELEMARKETING                                             APPLICATION
Marilyn called the Butterball toll-free hotline to learn how to prepare her Thanksgiving turkey and dressing. This telephone number is an example of __________.
a.interactive marketing
b.multichannel selling
c.outbound telemarketing
d.social networking
e.inbound telemarketing
20-41INBOUND TELEMARKETING                                               APPLICATION
When Margot called the toll-free number to order one dozen water lilies from the Van Ness WaterGardens website, the firm was using __________
.a.interactive marketing- 15 –
b.multichannel selling
c.inbound telemarketing
d.outbound telemarketing
e.social networking
Page(s):521LO: 2
AACSB: AnalyticQD: HardRationale:Inbound telemarketing is the use of toll-free telephone numbers that customers can call to obtain information about products and make purchases.

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