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Question 10 Zoot Suit,written by Luiz Valdez, was the first play by a Latino to bepresented on Broadway.
True  False
Question 11(Chad Deity) Mace tells the audience that being skilled in the ring for THEWrestling is a disadvantage because ____________.
it costs a great deal of money to train to become skilled
the skilled wrestlers have to make the bad wrestlers look good
the fans prefer losers
you are scheduled to wrestle too much
4/26/2018Latino Theatre Quiz: THE2000: Online Theatre Appreciation, Spring 20185/8
Question 12(Chad Deity) What does VP say he needs more than an audience?
A bigger stage.
A partner.
To be a winner.
Question 13(Chad Deity) Che Chavez Castro is __________.
EKO’s real name
Chad Deity’s manager
Mace’s father
a character played by Mace
Question 14(Chad Deity) Powerbomb and Sleeper Cell are examples of ____________.
wrestling team names
wrestling moves
action figures
Question 15(Chad Deity) How many crispers does Chad Deity say he has in hisrefrigerator?

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