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Module 1 Discussion

all have areas in our lives where we would like scientific information to help
us (developing good parenting skills, dealing with PSTD on ourselves or others,
or handling stress). Choose an issue that is important to you, tell how
you generally gather information on the topic, and tell how your new
understanding of science may influence your search for information in the future.

Module 2 Discussion

Read Schellenberg
(2004). Find in module 2 (Content). If you were to do further
research on this topic what would your next step be? What would your
hypothesis be?

Module 3 Discussion

of the sources of ideas for research comes from our everyday life experiences
and observations.Suggest such a research topic/question to your fellow
students and discuss research approaches that might be used to study it.In your responses to your classmates comment on the
advantages(s) or disadvantage(s) to the approaches suggested.

Module 4 Discussion

Discuss how the APA Ethical Standards Pertaining to
Research and Publication relate to the Saint Leo University Core Values
attached to your syllabus. In particular, focus on the Core Values that
the psychology department has chosen for emphasis in this course: respect,
responsible stewardship, and integrity. How do you believe these values
relate to the somewhat controversial concept of passive consent?Research Methods I PSY-205

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