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Explain of how nursing management relates to medical management and provide succinct correct clinical rationales
Weighting: 40%

Details: This academic paper requires students to write ? up the patient presented at their Clinical Case Conference (CCC) to their Nurs3005 PEP facilitator and present it as a detailed report. There must be analysis of the patient?s medical condition(s) demonstrating the ability to apply theoretical concepts including (but not limited too) pharmacology; patho-physiology; anatomy and physiology. There must be presentation and evaluation of nursing and medical management of the patient. Sound clinical rationales must be provided that support the care afforded the patient. Appropriate evidence sources must be used and Harvard referencing used throughout. Students are encouraged to write up this report prior to undertaking their CCC presentations. For specific details please refer to the marking rubric or to My tutor?s structures below.
Structures in details:
? My tutor?s structures For this report (the same of Marking rubric):
1. Introduces patient presenting for Case Conference
2. Presents biographical data
3. Presents current medical history of patient
4. Presents relevant past medical history of patient
1. Demonstrate understanding of patient?s medical condition(s) including relevant anatomy and physiology and in depth pathophysiology discussion
2. Nursing management Included clinical assessment using (IS)BAR or a systems ? based approach
3. Discuss nursing management with evaluation
4.Explain of how nursing management relates to medical management and provide succinct correct clinical rationales
5. Explain the role of interdisciplinary team involvement
6. Describe care provided by the interdisciplinary team and primary health care strategies clearly.
7. Describe clinical assessment findings clearly using clinical assessment ISBAR or a systems ? based approach.
8. Logical and orderly progression of ideas
9. Use headings.

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