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Question 5 A researcher records how well children score on a health test designed to help the children do well. The percent of correct responses is recorded.  What type of quasi-experimental research design is described in this example?
nonequivalent control group posttest only design
one-group posttest only design
one-group pretest-posttest design
Question 6 A researcher compares differences in perceptions of forgiveness in a sample of teenagers and older adults. In this example, the quasi-independent variable is ________:
older adults
Question 7 What is the best research method to study cohort effects?
natural experiment
Question 8 What was the main finding in the Casino study?
gambling was related to mental illness
Families who gambled had more drinking problems.
Economic stability was related to mental illness in children and adolescents
Only children of non-Indian families had shown behavioral improvements.
Question 9 What makes the Casino (from your lecture) study a natural experiment?
it had real life application.
The experiment took place in a natural setting.
the groups were naturally selected
the fact that there was no true dependent variable.
Question 10 What was one potential mechanism that could explain why the increase in family income in the Casino study had led to the reduction in children’s behavioral problems?
due to the reduction in drug taking
due to the increase in parental supervision
due to the increase in police involvement
no such connection was found

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