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1. Ratio variables have the following unique or special characteristic:
A. Meaningful order
B.  Predictable
C. Categorical in nature
D.  An inherently defined zero value
2. Which of the following is a quantitative variable?
A. The make of a TV
B.  The price of a TV
C.  The VIN of a car
D. The rank of a police officer
E. The Driver’s License Number
3. Which of the following is a categorical or Nominal variable?
A. The Social Security Number of a person
B. Bank Account Balance
C. Daily Sales in a Store
D.  Air Temperature
E. Value of Company Stock
4. The level of Satisfaction in a Consumer survey would represent a(n) ____________ level of measurement.
A. Nominative
B. Ordinal
C. Interval
D. Ratio
Chapter 2
5. When developing a frequency distribution the class (group), intervals must be
A. Large
B. Small
C. Mutually exclusive.
D.  Whole numbers
E. Equal

6. If there are 80 values in a data set, how many cla

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