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Biology by definition is the scientific study of life, both past and present. Since biology touches almost every aspect of our lives, it is constantly changing and studied by scientists all around the world. If you look at the news, listen to the radio or search online, new studies are being done or being discovered and presented as current events. Your goal as new budding biologist is to work by yourself and presentan oral presentation and a written proposal about the latest trends in biology research/ studies (The paper must be published within the year). All topics have to be in the theme of biology this can include but not limited to: evolution, genetics, climate change, sustainable alternatives (biofuel), pollution, discovery of new species, and discovery in medicine such as cancer, Zika virus, etc. (cancer, has been taken

This is a first come, first serve assignment and there will not be repeated topics presented. The goal of this proposal is to help you organize your thoughts and topic and it allows me to give you helpful feedback that will improve your presentation.Your proposal should be typed and about 1-2 pages in length. It is one proposal per group so make sure everyone’s name is on the proposal. This assignment is due at the beginning of class, but you can turn in this proposal before the date. Youshould include the sections listed below:

1. Research Topic/Paper

Article/ journal: title, date of publication, journal/ article publisher name. Within the year!

2. Who made the discovery and when and where did it occur.

Author(s) name and when this discovery was made. Where did this study/ research take place?

3. Rationale (Background and Motivation for your study)

Describe why your group selected this topic? Why, is it interesting and how is it important to the biologicalcommunity?

4. Objectives

Describe the research/ study in a few paragraphs, what did they do. Is this a new discovery? If not, when was this study last conducted?

5. References Cited

Where did you get this information from, when it was published and it should be a primary literature source.

6. Copy of article

I need a printed copy of your article, attached to your proposal (Just the first main page) or you can email me a copy by the due date.

Some sources:

www.nationalgeographic.com www.bbc.news.com

www.discoverychannel.com www.animalplanet.com

www.peta.org www.amnh.org

www.sciencedaily.com www. Sciencedirect.com

www.journals.elsevier.com www.iflscience.com

www.popsci.com http://www.sciencemag.org/

www.livescience.com/environment www.sciencenews.org

www.nytimes.com/section/climate www.nfs.gov

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