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New technology paper

1. Describe a company’s business problem or situation that can be solved with the New Technology.

2. Without the new technology, how companies would deal with the problem/situation presented in 1?

3. What is undesirable about the process/method described in 2?

4. Explain how the new technology solves the problem/situation presented in 1.

5. Explain why the new technology is superior to the process/method presented in 2.

6. Add information related to the new technology such as Web site print outs, articles, picture, etc.





1) Describe a company’s problem or situation that can be solved with the New Technology you selected for this project.

Schools and universities often have computer labs. Some of the problems related to those environments are security and maintenance of each computer in the lab. In a lab setting, each computer is used by numerous users throughout a single day. Each user can make changes to the computer as they navigate the computer, surf the Internet, download information and work with various applications located on the computer. For example, when an individual downloads a program to chat with her friends over the Internet, she makes changes to the configuration of the computer. Sometimes these programs not only add themselves to the memory of the computer but they also put themselves into the Start-Up Menu of the computer. As more and more programs are added to the Start-Up Menu, it takes the computer longer and longer to start up, not to mention each program takes up space.

2) Without the New Technology, how companies would deal with the problem/situation presented in 1?

To maintain the computer’s integrity each computer would have to be periodically cleaned manually by the staff. Each staff member would have had to know how to navigate a computer and find all the unwanted/unneeded programs and files. Once found, these programs and files had to be safely deleted.

3) What is undesirable about the process/method described in 2?

Using staff to perform the cleaning task is time consuming and costly for the company. Looking and trying to find the unwanted files/programs can be a tedious task with room for mistakes. In addition to the money spent in wages, staff needs to be trained and retrained when changes are made to the computer lab.

4) Explain how the New Technology solves the problem/situation presented in 1.

The technology is called Deep Freeze. Here is how it works:

First the computer needs to be configured with the desired settings. The programs to be offered to the users are put on the computer. After all the settings were finished, the software onto the computers that were going to be “frozen” is loaded.

Deep freeze then “freezes” the used space on the hard drive. At this point no changes can be made to the used space on the computer. Nothing can be added to the used space and nothing can be deleted from the used space of the computer. When a user logs in, they get full access to all the programs that are available prior to the “freezing” of the computer. If the user were to delete something from the used space the delete would be an illusion and temporary. When the computer is shut off and restarted, the used space would be unchanged and the delete would have never taken place. If a user downloads a program on the computer it will work in the free space. When the computer is rebooted the program will no longer exist because no changes can be made to the used space of the computer.

This software solves the problems of maintaining the integrity of the computer and it solves the security issue regarding viruses. If a change is made or a virus infects the computer the changes made and the virus will disappear when the computer is restarted.

The software allows the administrator to access the computer and “thaw” it to make changes to the settings of the computer. For example, a program can be added to the computer and put it on the used disk space and have it remain there even after a reboot. Once this is done the computer is then “frozen” and secured once more.

5) Explain why the new technology is superior to the process/method presented in 2.

Deep Freeze is both inexpensive and easy to implement. Once installed, there is no need for staff running around trying to clean computers. Staff can be used for other “more productive’ activities. This reduces costs and saves times. The problem with virus is resolved as unwanted files are immediately removed from the computer. There is no need to keep updating anti-virus software.

Add information related to the New Technology such as Web site link, articles, picture, etc.


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