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Signature Assignment 

Student Learning Outcome(s) Assessed: 

Evaluate Two Internet Websites On 

Disabilities on Physical/Health Impairments

Description of the Signature Assignment:

Students will review two websites that provide information/advocacy for individuals with 

disabilities. The assignment is intended to familiarize students with the types and importance of 

information and resources concerning individuals with disabilities available to advocates, 

families, public agencies, and the general public. Students will evaluate the credibility, content, 

design/navigability, and accessibility of the websites as well as recommendations for 


Directions for Students:

Students will use the questions provided in the syllabus to evaluate the key areas of each 

website (e.g., credibility, content, design/navigability, accessibility, recommendations). 

Students will submit the assignment in narrative format. The review of each website should be 

no longer than 2 pages, so it should be 3-4 pages total for both websites, double-spaced, and should adhere to APA (6th ed) format. Submit 

final assignment as a single Word document.

1) Credibility

• Who is the creator of the website (in other words, who wrote the content or posted the 

text made available to the reader)? What is his/her (their) background, history, and/or 

philosophy? (use your own words here) 

• Are the developers of the site credible? 

• How often is the site updated? 

• Are sources of information provided? 

• What are the stated and unstated goals and purposes of the site? 

• Does the site have bias or a hidden agenda? 

• Does the site present information and situations related to the real-life experiences of 


2) Content

• Is the content current, accurate, appropriate and multicultural? 

• Is the content presented in an understandable, open, multicultural, and objective 


• Are important issues presented realistically? 

• Does the site use inclusive and individuals-first language?


• Is the readability of the content appropriate? 

• Is the content properly organized?

3) Design and Navigability

• Is the design of the site welcoming? 

• Is the site motivating? 

• Is the site easy to use and navigate? 

• Are sections and resource links labeled? 

• Are graphics and images inclusive, accurate, and current? 

• Does the site contain motivating, thoughtful, relevant, and differentiated learning 


4) Individuals with Disabilities

• Is the site usable by individuals with disabilities? 

• Does the site promote sensitivity and inclusion, and avoid pitying and protective 


• Does the site foster an understanding of the importance of independence, dignity, and 


• Are the varied experiences, perceptions, and contributions of individuals with 

disabilities depicted? 

• Does the site help students understand that individuals have more similarities than 


5) Recommendations for improvement 

• What suggestion of services you would offer if you were a contributing author, for 


• Would you change the design/layout of the website making it easier to find information 

(different organization of content, perhaps?) 

• Other Suggestions? 

Scoring Rubric:


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