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BSBHRM602 Last Assessment 

Part B:


You   will demonstrate your skills and knowledge by completing a scenario-based   project.

Task   overview and context

You   receive an email from Sayo Yoshida, Managing Director: Human Resources.

Subject: Human resources strategic plan


Thank   you for taking on the role of Human Resources Manager at BizOps Enterprises.   As you are aware, you are replacing Gina Harris who is on leave for six   months. The managing directors are in the process of developing the organisation’s   five-year strategic plan. To achieve competitive advantage, the directors are   pursuing an innovation strategy with a focus on developing a range of tools   to enhance the customer’s online shopping experience. 

They   have developed an innovation strategy to ensure the organisation’s   sustainability and, consequently, they need to ensure the organisation’s   workforce is able to implement this strategy. You have been asked to prepare   a comprehensive draft of the human resources strategic plan. Please begin by   researching the planning requirements to develop a draft of the human   resources plan. You will need to review the current business plan and   consider the information relating to the innovation strategy to determine our   HR direction. In drafting the plan, you will consult with me and other   relevant managers about their HR preferences and approaches. You will also   need to identify HR services to implement the innovation strategy, their   costs, requirements and risks. 

Please   refer to the ‘Instructions to the candidate’ section that follows for details   regarding the tasks you are required to complete. 

It   would be much appreciated if you could prepare this information so we can   review and finalise development by the end of this month.


Sayo   Yoshida   Managing Director: Human Resources 

Instructions   to the candidate

You will need to access and read the   following BizOps Enterprises policies, procedures and templates:

• Risk management policy

• Risk management procedures

• Company business plan

• Organisation operational plan

• Organisational charts

• Risk management plan template

• PEST analysis template

See the ‘Resources required’ section   for how to access these.

For this project, you are required to   develop a human resources strategic plan. Complete the following tasks to   guide you through the development and preparation of this project.

1. Research planning requirements:

a) Review the company business plan and organisation   operational plan in reference to the HR strategic direction and objectives in   a one-page report. 

b) Undertake a PEST analysis using the PEST analysis template   to determine trends and issues, including new and emerging technology that   could impact human resource management in the organisation.

c) State the future labour needs and   skill requirements for the organisation and identify potential options for   sourcing these. Submit a one-page report of your findings.

2. Consider internal stakeholders using the organisational   charts. Create a simple engagement and communication plan that lists each   manager and how you will communicate with them to identify their HR   preferences, and to reach agreement on philosophies, values and policies.   Explain how you will obtain support for the plan.

3. Develop the draft human resources strategic plan: 

a) Determine strategic directions,   objectives and targets.

b) Identify the HR training and development services that   will need to be delivered to achieve the HR strategic objectives. 

c) Provide a cost–benefit analysis of the training and   development services.

d) Identify appropriate technology and systems to support   agreed human resource programs and practices.

e) Using the risk management plan template, develop a risk   management plan to support the human resources strategic plan.

f) Prepare a schedule for implementation.

g) Prepare a budget for training and development services.

h) Determine how the plan will be monitored and reviewed, and   how amendments will be made if issues arise.

i) Outline the process HR will undertake to evaluate   performance against plan objectives and make improvements.

The final documents you submit for   assessment will be assessed using the project criteria provided.

All project criteria outlined must be   covered satisfactorily for Part B to be completed satisfactorily. 

You must complete the project unassisted   by the assessor or other personnel, but may refer to reference material as   needed.

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