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This workplace assessment task requires you to identify a child displaying inappropriate behaviours (e.g. aggression, biting, tantrums, bullying) and work with family members and colleagues to create and implement a realistic plan to guide the behaviour of a child.

1.       Select a child and observe the child’s behaviour on at least three occasions (in different situations and contexts (eg indoor/outdoor, map time, interacting with other children or adults, playing on their own)

Notes on observations:

§  Do not use the child’s name, you may refer to them as Child X or similar

§  You will need to have signed permission from their parent or guardian to undertake observations for the purposes of your assessment.  A Confidentiality Agreement Form has been provided.

§  You may use the observation template provided or use templates provided by your workplace.

2.       Gather information on the child’s behaviour by talking to the child’s parents and colleagues involved in the education and care of the child.

Based on the information, prepare a short report covering the following topics:

§  the incidents causing concern

§  possible contributing factors to behaviours of concern, i.e. recent events, child’s history, actions of others or developmental or emotional reasons

§  triggers for the behaviour, including features of the curriculum and/or environment

§  consequences of maintaining the behaviour

§  the needs and concerns of other children who may be affected by the behaviour

§  sources of support from appropriate authorities  and referral bodies if necessary

3.       Develop a behavioural guidance plan for the child.  The plan must include:

§  long-term and short-term objectives consistent with child’s abilities, age, goals, parents expectations, health issues and developmental stage

§  acceptable alternative behaviours and strategies to develop these behaviours

§  resources required to implement the plan

§  relevant cultural practices for responding to behaviour

§  processes for communicating and monitoring agreed strategies

§  colleagues/specialist input

In developing the plan you should demonstrate how the plan complies with organisational, legal and ethical requirements including:

§  your service’s philosophy, code of ethics and policies and procedures

§  the National Quality Framework

§  the relevant approved learning framework

§  the family’s expectations and cultural values

§  encouraging others to adopt inclusive practices.


4.       Implement and monitor the plan.  Reflect on the process and prepare a report covering following topics.

a)      Implementation. Explain how you:

§  supported the child to understand specific expectations for behaviour

§  developed a positive relationship with the child and involved them in decision making and planning

§  minimised factors that may have led to or maintained inappropriate behaviour

§  ensured responses to child’s behaviour was clear, consistent, calm and timely

§  maintained communication with families colleagues to ensure the plan was clearly understood and implemented effectively and consistently

§  reviewed the child’s behaviour against the plan and modified this where necessary

§  how you support colleagues to implement the plan

§  how you inform all involved in implementing and reinforcing the plan

b)      Reflection.  Reflect on the process and comment on:

§  What worked well

§  Areas that you need to develop

§  What you would do differently in the future

Evidence to be submitted:

§  A minimum of three observations of the child in a range of situations and contexts

§  Evidence of consultation in developing the plan, e.g. minutes from meetings, discussion notes, surveys, questionnaires, other staff observations

§  Behavioural report

§  Guidance plan

§  Organisational policies and procedures including philosophy, code of ethics, standards, templates

§  Review and reflection report.

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