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Analyse issues of cultural safety including issues of age, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, ethnicity, religious belief or disability in the provision of nursing practice in Australia.

ULO 4 – Describe strategies or programs that will ensure quality and safety in the provision of healthcare in Australia
ULO 6 Analyse issues specific to particular cultural groups in the Australian community including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, refugees and immigrants and the impact on health
ULO 7 – Develop oral presentation and communication skills to groups and individuals including interview skills

Graduate Learning Outcomes
GLO 1 Discipline knowledge & capabilities
GLO2 – Communication
GLO 3 Digital Literacy
GLO 4 – Critical Thinking
GLO 5 Problem Solving
GLO 6 Self-management
GLO 7 Teamwork

Submission information:
Due date: Tuesday 10th February 2018
Each group of four students is to submit a poster with the completed Group Contract to the Unit Chair The Unit Chair will arrange your submission time.Each member of the group is to speak (maximum of 2 minutes each) to an aspect of the poster in the timetabled session. Each group is to prepare a hard copy (A4 B & W) of the poster as a handout for each student in the group.

Student instructions for assessment task Poster
The following instructions are designed to assist you with the assessment task

Establishing the group and member roles
1. , roles of group members and dates/times of meetings. Each group will be required to complete a group charter and project summary. The relevant document can be found in the Assessment folder on the unit Cloud site.
2. Each group is to identify a group leader whose role it is to co-ordinate the poster presentation

Poster Content
1. Access relevant contemporary literature. References should mainly include refereed journal articles and ideally be no more than eight years old. Information from professional websites may also be used. References to google websites and/or Wikipedia are not appropriate for this assessment task.
2. Read the marking rubric for information about the concepts, performance standards and marks distribution for the poster.

Poster Design
1. Each poster is to be presented on A3 sized paper, using the template provided (Available on the HNN026 Cloud site).
2. Each poster is to be accompanied by the completed Group Contract form which states each students contribution and includes all of the members signatures.
3. A copy of each poster is to be provided as a handout for each student in your seminar group (approx. 57 copies required).
4. Acknowledge sources and adhere to referencing conventions as per APA Style.
5. Reference sources (citations) should occur in very small 8pt font on the poster itself.
6. Adhere to conventions of written English (word choice, professional language, grammar, use of appropriate sentence structure, punctuation and spelling).
Read the marking rubric for information about the concepts, performance standards and marks distribution for the poster.

Oral Presentation:

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