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Usability of the EHR

Search the Web for information on the issue of usability and making the EHR more user friendly. Compose a response discussing some of the key issues clinicians have using today’s EHRs and the proposed means to overcome these issues? Define meaningful use and how it relates to today’s EHR.

Discussion responses should be on topic, original, and contribute to the quality of the discussion by making frequent informed references to lesson material. Discussion responses should be around 300 words on APA guidelines.

On two diferrents Paragraph give your opinion to  Brenda Windham and Zachary Rayburn. In a total of two pages.

Brenda Windham 

Issue of usability and making the EHR more user friendly-Physician have had significant challenges in many facilities, they are not comfortable with entering information in a EHR system and are more likely to make mistakes that can affect the patient's care. There are updates and changes that we can do now to make it a little easier: 1. Perform a check analysis(finding out exactly how long it takes to get information in your EHR, you can always work with IT and your vendors to resolve unnecessary steps. 2. Create log-in screen interface-the most common option will appear, this will streamline these lids, making it more prominent. 3. Making the output easier to understand, entering patient information that is important.

Compose a response discussing some of the key issues clinicians have using today's EHRs and the proposed means to overcome these issues? Some physicians would whether retain to paper, they have a EHR dictation specialist come in with them to dictate information gather by you and your doctor. Data would be enter correctly. Physician has express concerns about misuse of template-base roles that were preformated, computer-generated, text, that were used incorrectly. In addition, simply waiting for a long run fax may prolong the current problem, exposing patient to unnecessary risk. Direct approach is the best to address the problem.

Define meaningful use and how it relates to today's EHR. Improving quality, safety, and efficiency, reduce health dispartities, engage patients and family. Improper care coordination and maintain, privacy, security of patient's health information. Some vendors have announced sunset plans, because of the challenges to meet meaningful use requirement.





Zachary Rayburn 

Since Electronic Health Records have come out clinicians have been stating that there are numerous issues with them. One of the major ones is the lack of usability. Heath (2016) states, “providers often report that these technologies are not intuitive or navigable, and therefore slow them down when they are attempting to complete a task.” What will benefit providers or clinicians most with the EHRs will be exposure. Being exposed to the system and trying to adapt to it. It is completely different than what has been used in years past. So I personally think a proposed means to overcome the usability issue is by practice and repetition with the system.

Meaningful use is defined by the CDC (2017) as the use of certified EHR technology in a meaningful manner so that it improves the quality of care. It relates to today’s EHR by engaging patents and families in their healthcare. Most patients are always sitting around waiting on a phone call that may not ever come through. If patients start logging in and looking at their own records they can start formulating that next step of care if it is needed.

CDC. (2017, January 18). Introduction. Retrieved from https://www.cdc.gov/ehrmeaningfuluse/introduction.html

Heath, S. (2016, August 31). Top Physician EHR Issues Disrupting Clinical Workflows. Retrieved from https://ehrintelligence.com/news/top-physician-ehr-issues-disrupting-clinical-workflows

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