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As an assessor you should always carry out a holistic overview and consider a number of factors that can affect behaviour. In this Question it could be that your initial assessment methods are not fit for purpose as they are probably generating results far from the reality. On the other hand the learner might be perfectly competent and works well on their own. The learner might also be intimidated by you as a stranger or someone with the power to turn their dream into reality. Think of the situation whereby the candidate is desperate for the qualification to access University or to gain a promotion. In terms of the questions you should be asking this could include checking if the learner is enrolled on the right course, if they will have sufficient learning opportunities and whether they are in the right job role? You could also consider if their enrollment is safe and manageable?

Question 2
Regardless of the circumstances when it comes to evidence and assessments your judgement should be based on sound principles. You should bear in mind that once you accept the work from the candidate you inherit full responsibility. You should therefore ensure that the evidence is reliable, current, sufficient and authentic.

Question 3
Here you should make reference to the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Information Commissioner's Office. You will need to describe the procedures you have in your workplace such as locking away assessments and learner records. Other procedures could be making sure that memory sticks and computers are password protected. Making sure that you don't take any work home. Make sure you outline the importance of following these procedures and make links to disciplinary procedures and other consequences of not doing so.

Question 4
Risks can include being burnt out. Not being able to assess at the same standards as experienced practitioners. Data protection, health and safety concerns. Being unable to interpret the standards correctly. Dave might need to participate in standardisation or shadow experienced practitioners as part of his learning process and induction. Risks can be reduced during the assessment process by asking the learner about their work environment and identified risks which will help you to devise an appropriate response. This might include using a range of assessment methods. You might also need to learn the policies and procedures of the learners work environment if you are visiting.

Question 5
You will need here to explain to Kelly how you have come to your decision. It would be a good idea to reassure her that the assessment decision is based solely on the assessment criteria and explain how you have come to the decision. You might also want to refer to the QCF level descriptors. Demonstrating to the learner why you cannot acknowledge a pass would be good. For example you are not going to accept bullet points where a full explanation is needed. You might also not accept an explanation where actual evidence of the work product is required. You then need to describe your complaints procedures, which normally start with you. The learner will then be able to seek recourse from your moderator, manager or others before they can seek external recourse from the awarding body or any other appropriate source of support.

Question 6
a] You might consider discussing how assessment makes it easy to measure and check the skills of learners. Assessment makes it easy to compare achievement and standardise qualifications. Assessment also reassures the candidate, employers and members of the public regarding competency.

c] You will need to discuss the activities the assessor carries out during the assessment cycle starting with planning, assessing, feedback and reviews. You can also refer to need to motivate and inspire learners and work inline with both internal and external requirements.

d] Technology makes it easy to record and store evidence such as video files. It is also cost-effective as you can carry out video conferences compared to travelling to meet the learner. Technology such as wood processing can make it easy for a candidate to revise and amend their work compared to when it's written where the learner would have been expected to rewrite everything if ther is a referral. Technology such as emails can make assessment quicker compared to posting coursework.

Question 7
a] You can consider methods such as prior learning, observation, work products, professional discussion, questioning, tests and witness testimonies. You will then need to explain weaknesses and benefits of each method and how they meet needs.

b] You will need to consider factors such as availability of assessment opportunities. You also need to ensure the learner is ready and the necessary consent and permission has been sought especially if you are going to be making a face to face visit n the workplace.

c] Feedback motivates the learner and can provide guidance on how they are doing. Questioning can help to elaborate areas not fully met and also authenticate any written evidence.

d] The learner should be given information about the assessment, timeframe and any relevant documentation. It is also important for the learner to be informed about any appeals and complaints procedures in place. This information empowers the learner to know their rights and responsibilities. Information also helps others such as employers to understand the demands of the qualification and might inspire them to contribute to the assessment process.

Question 8
a] This involves taking into account all available assessment opportunities and evidence. The benefits are the potential of recording realistic and naturally occurring evidence. This method is also cost-effective compared to the assessor going to see a candidate several times. This method might even allow evidence to be collated quicker compared to making several visits. Planning a holistic assessment might involve the candidate explaining their job role, which will give you an idea of assessment opportunities. You might also plan this by using the results of any initial assessments or skills gap analysis as a starting point.

b] Assessment decision should be in line with the assessment criteria. The decision should also be valid, reliable and fair. This will involve ensuring that you have not disadvantaged your learners. This result should okay regardless of the assessor. The assessment method should be appropriate in the assessment criteria for limit. You might also consider creating your own assessment activities as a means to limit the impact of plagiarism.

c] Self-assessment helps learners to reflect and evaluate their own performance. Be assessing enables learners to share the experience and to gain greater understanding of the assessment process. The learners could also develop their analytical skills and ownership.

d] This will include observational processes, simple enough evidence, and candidate interviews and standardisation. This will ensure assessors are working in the same standards. The procedures will also identify developmental areas of assessors and ensure the right support is provided. If this was not done it might lead to bid practice and learners being disadvantaged and assessment process being compromised. It will be important also when discussing about standardisation to outline the frequency and how this takes place in your own organisation.

Question 9
a] You need to consider a number of legislation such as the Equality Act 2010, Health and Safety Act 1974, Data Protection Act 1998 and the Copyrights Patents and Designs Act 1988. Make links to Ofqual, Ofsted and national occupational standards. It is important to discuss how you take account of confidentiality, safeguarding, equality and diversity and welfare of your learners. You also need to discuss how you take account of bilingualism and where it applies.

C] You can discuss how you can change the assessment method from writing to oral. This might also involve changing the time of assessment to suit the working patterns of the learner. This might also involve greater use of witnesses especially where confidentiality, safeguarding and ethical issues are involved.

d] This might help you to become a better assessor by learning from your past experience when reflecting. It will also help you to work within the legal and professional framework. CPD opportunities allow you to gain more skills, which also improve your practice especially when it comes to assessing. For example learning how to use new technology

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