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Task 1 (AC1.1, 1.2 and 2.1)
Your assignment for The Role of the Health and Social care Professional requires you to find out information about Ethical dilemmas in Nursing

•    Think about what you already know about the subject and the information that you still need to find out. Write down 5-10 questions for which you need to find answers.
•    Find a range of resources that are likely to contain answers to your questions. Include at least three different types of resources e.g. books, textbooks, journals, newspapers, e-books, websites, podcasts/audio materials and videos.  List these in the Harvard style as you would in a bibliography.
•    For two of the written sources you have located, you should photocopy or print out a relevant section (up to four pages). Annotate the photocopies to demonstrate your thinking processes as you read the section, for example:
o    identify words or phrases that you were scanning for to answer your question
o    highlight areas that were relevant to your questions
o    identify sections that you skimmed
o    annotate areas that prompted further questions
o    annotate areas that helped you to determine the usefulness of the source
•    Record the specific information that you have found in response to your questions for each resource in Section A of the Task 1 grid. (NB: It is likely that you will need to find information from more than three resources in order to meet the requirements of the task for the other unit, but you only need to complete the grid for three sources).
•    In Section B of the grid, evaluate each resource you have used and the information that it has provided to help you to decide how to approach the next resource. For example, consider:
o    Did the resource enable you to answer all of your questions? Which questions do you need to focus on in the next resource?
o    Did it prompt any further questions? Will you need to find out this information in order to respond to the task set within its defined parameters (for example, word limit, and deadline)?
o    Do you have concerns about the reliability of the resource used (eg how current it is, any bias the resource might have, its intended audience) so that the information needs to be verified using another source?
o    Do the requirements of the task mean that you need to find information from a different perspective or side of an argument?

Task 2
 You are provided with the following 3 texts of different types relating to your study skills Modules  

•    Complete the Task 2 grid:  identify three examples of literary and linguistic devices that the author uses to indicate their purpose and attitude. Explain the meaning that you think the writer is conveying by these devices. (AC 3.1)
•    For two of the texts write a commentary evaluating the effect and purpose of implied meaning in the texts. (Total word limit: 500 words) (AC 4.1)

Evidence that you should submit for Task 1:
•    Completed Task 1 grid (list of 5 - 10 questions, bibliography in Harvard style, section A & B for 3 different sources)
•    Two annotated photocopies

Evidence that you should submit for Task 2:
•    Completed Task 2 grid
•    Commentary on the two texts

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