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The theory application individual paper involves using theory to guide nursing actions in a clinical scenario. First, the paper involves determining the phenomena with its concepts. Secondly, the paper provides in-depth analysis of the theory and its concepts. Finally, the paper will allow the learner to apply the theoretical concepts to a nursing situation in a clinical environment. In addition, this paper supports your personal and professional development as a scholar in the nursing discipline.

The purpose of this assignment is to:

  1. Identify and apply theoretical principles from a middle range nursing theory to the concepts of a phenomenon or situation in one’s clinical practice
  2. Conduct a comprehensive library database search using appropriate controlled vocabulary and limiters and expanders to locate scholarly references related to the theory and phenomenon; and
  3. Engage in writing to learn as a means to strengthen the written presentation of concepts and ideas essential to nursing scholarship.

Begin by identifying an area of specialty interest. From this interest recall an observation from your practice experience and write a short summary or scenario describing the nursing phenomenon or situation. Specify the concepts of the phenomena.  Select one middle range theory  that pertains to or explains the phenomenon identified. Next, specify the concepts of the theory that pertain to the phenomena.

Search a selected bibliographic database in the library to locate references pertaining to the concepts of the phenomena and theory and retrieve the most appropriate articles to reference in the discussion of the nursing situation. The body of the paper demonstrates a refined understanding of the nursing situation in light of the information from the journal articles and the theory. Primary sources are to be accessed.

The assignment concludes with a discussion of the concept, phenomenon, theory, and how it applies to his or her practice. The paper content should be nearly 5-7 pages (excluding the title page, reference page, and appendix) and prepared in APA style (levels of headings, double spaced, in-text citation, and references).

Criteria Possible Points
Introduction (Do not put this heading in your paper)
Short paragraph to introduce the topic with demographic characteristics, prevalence and/or incidence of the patient-centered phenomenon. (1 point)
Specify a thesis statement (2 points)
End this paragraph with an aim/purpose statement.(1 point)
Body (Develop a different heading)
Patient-centered phenomenon as a nursing situation is clearly described (1.5 pages) 2
One middle range theory is identified with rationale for why this theory pertains to the phenomena of interest 2
Concepts of the theory that apply to the phenomenon are explained 2
Concepts are applied related to the phenomena of interest with a short rationale/reason 2
(Insert relevant level of heading(s) appropriate to paper organization)
The concepts from the theory and the phenomena are used to retrieve relevant articles (Minimum of 8 theory, theory-related research, and other data sources published within the last 5 years with exception for seminal theory articles). Content from articles are related to the topic. Content from article(s) are applied to the practice situation within the context of the selected theory 6
Nursing interventions and/or actions are identified and discussed 3
Conclusion  (Develop a different heading)
Summarizes purpose of paper, implications for practice, and specific recommendations for research (and health policy as appropriate) 3
Scholarly Writing
Argument: Argument directly and fully answers prompt; is clearly stated early in the paper; is original, compelling, and logical, avoiding absolute claims 2
Evidence: Appropriate amount of relevant, accurate, and justifiably interpreted quotation. Quotation thoroughly introduced, explained, analyzed, and connected to argument/other texts. Possible counter arguments considered. 2
Organization: Paragraphs maintain argument focus, exclude extraneous information, appear in logical order, and transition smoothly. Introduction sets forth argument and the goals of essay. Conclusion opens up avenues for future research. 2
Attention to the Audience: Consistent, academic tone. Appropriate contextual information, anticipating audience questions. Addresses significant issues and makes them important to the audience. 2
Grammar and Format: Errors in grammar and spelling are limited or non-existent (appropriate sentence structure, paragraph structure).
Strong introduction that specifies the paper’s thesis and aim(s). Includes a body, and conclusion. Prepared in 3rd person; a writing style for most nursing journals.
The paper is organized using APA format for title page, levels of headings, and includes parenthetical citations in-text. Primarily uses paraphrased content with in-text citation. Constructed an accurate and complete reference list using APA format.
Total 35

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