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Prepare a report answering all of the following questions.

Explain the basic philosophy behind quality management systems, including the ideas put forward by quality management pioneers.
Provide an analysis of the main quality improvement tools that an organisation may use to improve quality, including illustrations where appropriate
Describe the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard and evaluate the application of these within organisations as an appropriate quality management system (QMS)
Explain what is meant by independent third party certification to the ISO 9001 standard and how organisations can become certified. Your answer should discuss the process of third party certification and highlight the roles of Mauritius statutory and professional organisations in the certification process.
Explain how an ISO 9001 certified QMS can be effectively managed on an ongoing basis.

(30 marks).
(20 marks).

ISO 9001 references
Where required, reference should be made to ISO 9001:2015 clauses.

The total word count should not exceed 2000 words including executive summary (excluding titles, reference list and appendices). Please state any assumptions you have made.

Use the Harvard referencing system for both the in-text citations and the reference list.

You are the environmental manager of a large company in Mauritius that has branches in Asia; the company is also planning to expand its operations to Europe. In a selected large company of your choice, compile a detailed report (making use of relevant reference sources) addressing the following:

Discuss how your chosen company can manage compliance with legislation and regulations within an ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management System (EMS).
Provide an in-depth analysis on the identification of the likely significant environmental aspects, including details on how and where these aspects come about, the nature of their effect on the local and global environment.
Based on the significant environmental aspects, briefly discuss some suitable objectives, targets and environmental programmes that would be relevant to this company.
Advice management on the benefits of conducting an EIA screening exercise to improve on the environmental performance of the proposed new project in Europe.
Provide a poster presentation detailing the above points.

Assignment Format
The total word count should not exceed 2,000words (excluding titles, reference list, appendices and executive summary). Please state any assumptions you have made.
References should be provided for all sources used following the Harvard referencing style.
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