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Personal and Professional Development Plan

Structure your action plan as follows:

· Divide the plan into two sections: Personal Development and Professional Development.

· For the Personal Development section, describe what you have identified for the following areas:

o Professional organizations and activities that will facilitate progress towards personal and development goals.

o Identify a plan to incorporate self-care techniques for maintaining personal and professional health.

· For the Professional Development section, describe what you have identified for the following areas:

o Professional organizations and activities that will facilitate progress towards professional development goals.

o Activities designed to maintain knowledge regarding the application of ethical principles in professional interactions.

o Activities designed to facilitate continual cultural competence.

o Requirements and processes for obtaining licensure.

· Explain why you feel each component is a necessary part of your development plan.

· Indicate whether this is an activity that is a one-time event, or if it will be an ongoing practice.

· If it is an ongoing practice, describe how it will be incorporated into your schedule.

· If these activities include external resources, such as classes or conferences, include descriptive information and a timeline for completing the activity.

Project Requirements

To achieve a successful project experience and outcome, you are expected to meet the following requirements.

· Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message and is characterized by correct grammatical usage and mechanical elements of scholarly writing. Present assignments in a narrative, paragraph format. You may include subheadings, but incorporate transitional phrases to link sections.

· APA formatting: APA formatting is required, including proper citations, references, title page, page headers, page numbers, and section headers. Refer to APA style and formatting for more information.

· Scholarly publication: When applicable, required scholarly research articles should be current; that is, no more than five years old.

· Number of pages: 5–7 pages. Assignment page length excludes the title page and reference pages (no abstract or table of contents necessary).

· Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.


· APA Style and Format.

Unit 3 Discussion 1

Self-Disclosure as a Counseling Tool

As counselors develop their therapeutic style and foundation, the question of self-disclosure arises both for group and individual counselors. Self-disclosure can be an effective therapeutic tool when used appropriately by the counseling professional.

As both group and individual counselors develop their therapeutic style and foundation, the issue of unfinished business must constantly be addressed, as it can be a major hindrance in development. It can also cause counselors to avoid uncomfortable topics, to not use appropriate techniques, or to become unaware of their own need for self-care.

For this discussion, recall a personal challenge you have experienced in your life that may not be resolved and could negatively impact the therapeutic relationship. Without describing this challenge in detail, describe how you think this experience might affect your work with clients. Cite a scholarly source to support your analysis.


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