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Scenario: You work as a research consultant and have been approached by a client. The client wishes to launch a new brand of trainers in London. However, before a budget is made available for business setup, the investors wish to conduct research to understand the market and market dynamics.
The products available under the new brand will all be based on unique designs (based on designs from graffiti artists) and will target both men and women of all ages.
Requirement: In a report to the Board of Directors provide the following:
A plan for the collection of primary and secondary data
Survey methodology and sampling frame used
A sample questionnaire to be used for the purpose of research
Guidelines: In your answer you should include a discussion on what primary and secondary data is required and how it should be collected. The report should also include a discussion on the suggested survey methodology and the intended sampling frame. You should also include a sample questionnaire that can be used to conduct primary research.
M1 can be achieved if the report reflects an effective; sequenced, planned, organised and structured approach used for researchUnderstand a range of techniques to analyse data effectively for business purposes
Scenario: Karen; the owner of a small café based in London has realised the importance of analysing the sales for the purpose of decision making.
Karen has collected the following data over the last month and has requested you to help her with further analysis (use of various statistical techniques).
The following table presents the number of orders within different price ranges:
Amount Spent (£)
No. of Orders
You are required to calculate the following (covers AC 2.1):
1. Mean
2. Median
3. Mode
Also, provide an analysis of your calculations and advise Karen on the most popular price for orders over the last month (covers AC 2.2)
Calculate the following (using the above table) (covers AC 2.3):
1. Range
2. Standard Deviation
3. Lower quartile (25th percentile)
4. Upper quartile (75th percentile)
5. Inter-quartile range

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