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Assignment 1

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Attention! Late assignments turned in after the due date will not be graded.

· All results should be processed using SPSS.

· Upload your SPSS dataset file (the ones end with .sav), output file (the ones end with .spv) along with this document (Microsoft Word, ending with .doc or .docx) when you submit your assignment on Canvas.  Failing to comply with these requirements will result in a zero for your entire assignment. 

· Late submission will also result in a zero for your assignment.

*** Make sure to answer each question completely. ***

1. Using yourself as a research participant, last summer you completed a 12-day study on the effect of caloric intake on amount of daily sleep. You kept a record of the amount of calories you consumed in a 24-hour periodand the length of time you naturally slept each night(waking up without disturbance or assistance of alarm clock). Below are the data you recorded. 

  Caloric Intake Hours Slept

 1725 5.2

2300 9.5

2000 8.5  1775 7.0

2160 8.2

1800 8.5

2260 7.4 

 2005 8.4

2010 8.7

 1590 6.8

  1860 7.6

  2090  9.2

a) Enter your data into SPSS. Remember to give your variables names of your choice that SPSS can recognize. Save this dataset file to a file name of your choice. Upload this data file to Canvas when you submit your assignment. (2 points) 

b) Create a Frequency Distribution Table for the variable Caloric Intake . Paste the table you obtain from SPSS output window to the space below. (2 points) 

c) Based on this table, how many days did you consume exactly 1800 calories? What percentage of days did you consume 2260 or fewer calories?  (2 points)

d) Create a Histogram Chart for the variable Hours Slept . Paste the chart you obtained from SPSS output window in the space below. (2 points)

e) Describe the shape of the distribution for Hours Slept using this table. (2 points)

Hint: Use the language described in the notes and textbook when discussing distribution of data.

2. High school students are exposed to a lot of academic text (e.g., textbooks, journal articles, class presentations, etc.) during their curriculum and parents are concerned about the emotional content of these texts. As a first step, the local School Board asked a research team to assess the emotional content of assignment texts in a scientific manner. In order to answer this question, the research team analyzed the emotional content of 199 randomly selected sentences from the students’ assigned readings. Next, the researchers categorized emotional content using Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions. You have been contacted as the statistician to analyze the data and provide some answers.  

a) Import the excel file Text Emotion.xls into SPSS. Save this dataset file to a file name of your choice. Upload this data file to Canvas when you submit your assignment . (3 points) 

b) Once you have imported the data file Text Emotional Content.xls look at the variables in the data. What Scale of Measurement is the variable Emotional Content ? (2 points) 

c) Use the Frequency Commandto obtain the Frequency Distribution table for the variable Emotional Content . Paste the table you obtained from SPSS output window to the space below. (2 points) 

d) What are the FOURmost frequent emotions from the text? ALSO, give me the percent that each of the four most frequent emotions occurred in the randomly selected texts. (3 points) 

e) Using the Frequency Commandagain, produce an appropriate graph for the Emotional Content variable ( hint: consider the scale of measure that Emotion belongs on). In the space below, paste the appropriate chart that you obtained from SPSS output window. (3 points) 

f) Interpretation:Again, the School Board was interested in how exposed students are to certain emotions in texts. As the assigned statistician and a data-driven professional, what could you tell the School Board? Is there a cause for concern? Why or why not? (based on the frequency table and the appropriate graph) Provide 1 to 3 sentences. (2 points)

Note : In writing your answer, read through the scenario again to make sure you understand what the variable, Emotional Content is measuring. We are NOT measuring students’ emotions directly.

Upload your SPSS dataset file(s), SPSS output file (s), along with this Word document when you submit your assignment on Canvas.


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