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Migration   extinction   one of the above
Question 7 The continents are in the same locations that they were 245 million years ago.
True     False
Question 8 Which of the following would NOT be an example of convergent evolution in diet?
meat-eating in a lion and meat-eating in a tiger
great white shark eating seals and a killer whale eating seals
nectar feeding by a butterfly and nectar feeding by a hummingbird
plant-eating by a koala and plant-eating by a panda
Question 9
What percentage of identified LIVING species are vertebrates?
50 %    23 %   6 %    less than 3%
Question 10
The science of naming organisms and classifying them into groups is termed:systematicsphylogeneticstaxonomynone of the above
Question 11
Which of the following is MORE inclusive (includes more taxa?)
Phylum   Order  Family   Class
Question 12
Earth’s weather patterns and climate can be affected by changes in the planetary crust under the ocean.
True  False
Question 13
If you were a scientist and wanted to build a phylogeny for toucan birds, which type of information could you use?

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