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Aim of Assignment:
•    Create a Project Charter, Requirements Document  & Work Break Down Structure
•    Apply scope change management processes
•    Demonstrate understanding of  project planning through the analysis of a case study

[Note: Topic Notes 4(Initiation), 5 (Project Planning) and 6 (Scope Management) provide the background to complete this assignment)

PART I (68 marks)

[NOTE: Part I is a practical assignment. No academic references are required. It is not as a piece of academic writing. The Charter, Requirements Document  and WBS must be written as formal project documents
Select a project. The project can be:
•     One that you are presently involved in or project happening in the future in which you will be involved – either business or social project.
•     A hypothetical but relevant project

A.    Produce a PROJECT CHARTER, using the template herein (38 marks)
•    Problem / Opportunity Statement  (6 marks)
•    Strategic Alignment  (6)
•    Benefits (6), KPIs (6)
•    Deliverables (6), High-level Requirement(s) (6), Exclusions (2)
•    Cost, Timeframe, Risks, (0) (no marks - just provides experience of completing a full charter)

B.    Produce a REQUIRMENTS TRACEABILITY MATRIX  using the template herein, list 4 requirements then trace to features in the final deliverables  (8 marks)

C.    Create a WORK BREAKDOWN STRUCTURE using the template herein: (list format, not chart format). (Note: the WBS must contain at least 15 work packages. If you have a large project, provide the top-level elements, and decompose 1,2 or 3  of these elements so that at least 15 work packages are created (12 marks).
D.    Describe a possible SCOPE CHANGE requested by the sponsor. Fully evaluate the requested change. Produce and explain the revised sections of WBS, assuming that the change is accepted

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