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Week 7 “ Assignment 2 “ Energy sector Cybersecurity threats Attached Files:  DOE Multiyear Plan for Energy Sector

Week 7 – Assignment 2 – Energy sector Cybersecurity threats

Attached Files:
  •  DOE Multiyear Plan for Energy Sector Cybersecurity _0.pdf  ( 2.196 MB)

Assignment background

This week we discussed physical security.  Did you know that the electrical grid of the United States can be vulnerable to cybersecurity threats.

Assignment goal -  Learn about and report on Cybersecurity threats to the Energy sector of the United States.

Assignment tasks

1. Read pages 1-7 of the attached  DOE Multiyear Plan For Energy Sector Cybersecurity

2. Submit an MS Word or .PDF report of no more than (6) pages that  substantially  summarizes the Cybersecurity threats to the energy sector of the United States along with the Department of Energy strategy to combat the threats.

Be sure to cover the following topics:

Topic 1)   What are the Cybersecurity threats to the Energy Sector of the United States? - Summarize the current situation. Why is the energy sector now vulnerable to Cybersecurity attacks?  Who are behind the attacks?  What are the goals of the attacks?

Topic 2)  What is the Department of Energy (DOE) plan to combat these threats? What is the strategy?  What are the priorities?  What are the goals?  What is the vision?

Topic 3)   Conclusion - What is your opinion of the electrical grid Cybersecurity threats and DOE’s response?  Is the threat real or overblown?  Should people be concerned? What do you think about DOE’s response to the threat? Are they doing enough? Do you feel that the response is sufficient? 

Suggested report format

Title page  


Energy Sector Cybersecurity threats

Department of Energy Strategy to combat the threats



  1. Spelling,  grammar and "readability" counts
  2. Must upload an MS Word or .PDF document
  3. Please be sure to have content which addresses each of the topics listed above 

Please note:

  1. For this assignment I am looking for a report. A report should have a cover page, introduction, body and a conclusion. 
  2. T his assignment  w ill  be  run through th Blackboard  SafeAssign   application.  Assignments for which the  Safeassign  originality report shows substantial amounts of copied content will be scored poorly or possibly not accepted. Given this please submit  Original work  only

Scoring – There are up to (5) points available for this assignment

The paper has sufficient content regarding topic 1  -  Cybersecurity threats to the US Energy sector -  (1) point

The paper has  sufficient  content regarding topic 2   -   Department of Energy (DOE) plan to combat   (2) points

The paper has  sufficient  content regarding topic 3   -  Conclusion - up to  (1) point

The paper includes a cover page, introduction and reads well with limited spelling and grammatical errors -  (1) point

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