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Feeling of unsatisfied by an activity, or uninterested in any activity, can lead to boredom and it is a common feeling. All of us have this feeling of boredom more often. It may occur when you feel energetic but have nowhere to spend your energy. Boredom may also occur when we have difficulty focusing on a task.

One of the common complaints among young and adults is boredom. In some cases, a person may complains of boredom when he is uncomfortable dealing with his thoughts or feelings. In this article, we will describe the symptoms of boredom and tips to overcome it, so read the article till the end.

Symptoms And Causes Of Boredom
Symptoms of boredom may vary depending on person experiencing it.

Empty feeling
A sense of frustration with that emptiness
A limited attentionspan
Lack of interest in what’s happening around you
You may also feel
The causes of …show more content…
Note the timeof day, place, and activities preceding the boredom, so you can avoid those circumstances or prepare for possible boredom in the future.

Make routine tasks more interesting by adding a unique element. For example, start timing tasks to see how fast you can do them.
Combine multiple repetitive tasks so they can be done together.
Break larger tasks into smaller ones, and plan breaks or rewards at key milestones.
Create a list of activities to try when boredom strikes. If your child is the one feeling bored, create this list together.
Establish a special area where you or your child can store activities reserved for battling boredom.
Be prepared to take time out to work with your child to set up an activity when they’re bored.
Existential boredom is an experience almost everyone goes through in life at one point or another. Opening yourself up to learning from your boredom requires humility and also the courage to be wrong in the face of your hidden judgments and misconceptions about

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