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DATA205 Introductory Analytics (QC)
Quiz 1 Chapters 1-2
Question 1A discrete variable cannot be
a. observed.
b. multiplied.
c. added.
 d. subdivided.
Question 2A researcher has numbered all 50 states from 1 to 50 and has calculated a mean of 17.43 for the variable “state of birth.”
is interval-ratio and the mean is an appropriate and useful statistic in this case.
a. Since the variable is ordinal, we should treat the value of the mean with great caution.
b. The variable is interval-ratio and the mean is an appropriate and useful statistic in this case.
c. Since this variable is discrete, the mean should not be computed.
 d. Since the variable is nominal, the mean makes no sense.
Question 3According to the “Wheel of Science,” research projects begin
a. with an hypothesis.
 b. at any stage on the Wheel.
c. with data.
d. with theory.
Question 4An hypothesis states, in part, that “income increases as education increases”. In this statement, education is
a. the secondary variable.
b. the dependent variable.
 c. the independent variable.
d. the hypothetical variable.
Question 5Categories of nominal level variables should be everything except
a. mutually exclusive to avoid ambiguity in classifying cases.
b. exhaustive so that every case fits into a category.
c. relevant to the research goals.
 d. All of the above
Question 6Data is the same thing as
a. statistics.
b. proof.
 c. information collected in numerical form.
d. information collected in any form.
Question 7If a researcher summarizes the age of 1,000 people by calculating the average age, she is using
a. data reduction.
b. an incorrect hypothesis.
c. a qualitative technique.
d. non-empirical reasoning.
Question 8In addition to saying that one case is different from another, the ordinal level of measurement allows us to
a. put cases in general categories.
b. measure the distance between high and low.
 c. say that one case is more or less than another.
d. calculate meaningful averages of variables.
Question 9In time, the ____________ variable precedes the _____________ variable.
a. dependent, independent
b. discrete, continuous
 c. independent, dependent
d. hypothetical, theoretical
Question 10On a test, the numbers used to identify the questions would be __________ in level of measurement while the number of correct responses would be _____________.
a. ordinal, nominal
 b. nominal, interval-ratio
c. continuous, discrete
d. interval-ratio, nominal
Question 11When using interval-ratio data, the distance between the scores is
a. always two units.
 b. exactly defined.
c. not always clear.
d. unequal.
Question 12Which of the following is a continuous variable?
a. Number of times you have changed residences within the last five years
b. Number of meals you consumed yesterday
c. Number of children
 d. Time spent watching TV
Question 13Which of the following is a discrete variable?
a. Height
b. Age
 c. Number of children
d. Miles per gallon
Question 14?A _____ is the number of times a phenomena occurs divided by the total possible occurrences.
a. ?histogram
b. ?ratio
 c. ?rate
d. ?frequency distribution
Question 15A police department reports that the number of reported rapes in their jurisdiction increased by 100% over the past decade. This means that the number of reported rapes today is
a. equal to the number 10 years ago plus 50%.
 b. double the number 10 years ago.
c. actually about the same as 10 years ago.
d. triple the number 10 years ago.
Question 16

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