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Binge-eating disorder is a problem that involves repeated episodes of binge eating. Binge eating refers to eating a larger-than-normal amount of food in a short period of time. People with binge-eating disorder feel unable to control their eating. Although they feel bad about overeating, they usually do not try to correct this habit by using laxatives or making themselves vomit. They do not starve themselves or exercise too much.
Binge-eating disorder usually starts in the teenage years or early 20s. It often gets worse with stress.
What are the causes?
The cause of this condition is not known.
What increases the risk?
The following factors may make you more likely to develop this condition:
Being a teenager or in your early 20s. …show more content…
Eating alone because you are embarrassed by how much you are eating.
Feeling disgusted, depressed, or guilty after overeating.
How is this diagnosed?
This condition is diagnosed through an assessment by your healthcare provider. You may be diagnosed with the disorder if you:
Binge eat at least once a week on average for three months or longer.
Have three or more of the symptoms of the disorder.
Once you have been diagnosed, your level of binge-eating disorder will be rated from mild to severe. The rating is based on how often you binge eat.
How is this treated?
This condition may be treated with:
Cognitive behavioral therapy. This is a form of talk therapy that helps you recognize the thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that contribute to overeating. It also helps you change them.
Interpersonal psychotherapy. This is a form of talk therapy that focuses on fixing relationship problems that trigger binge-eating episodes.
Dialectical behavioral therapy. This is a form of talk therapy that helps you learn skills to control your emotions and tolerate distress without binge eating.
Weight-loss programs. These can be important if you are overweight. Losing excess weight can improve physical health and the way you feel about

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