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  1. Usethe University Libraryto locate peer-reviewed research articles related to a research study about health or health care issues, concerns, or trends.
    • The research article must describe a research study, not an editorial or brief.
    • The research study must be based in the United States from 2010 to the present.
    • It is recommended that you select health topics of interest to you or your job, with no complex statistical analyses.
    Reviewthe Researching Articles in the University Library Tutorialfor help finding articles. Selectat least 3 peer-reviewed* articles to use to complete an annotated bibliography. The 3 research articles can be based on the same or different topics. Topic ideas can include (but are not limited to):
    • Adolescent obesity (select different geographic locales: urban vs rural)
    • Infection rates among ICU patients
    • Readmission rates for congestive heart failure patients
    • Patient satisfaction or patient experience of care
    • Population health management in diabetes care
    • Care coordination or care continuum
    • Patient safety or quality management
    • Cancer screening compliance, such as mammography, colonoscopy, or Pap smear

    Completethe annotated bibliography based on the 3 articles you selected from the University Library.
    Discussalso how you determined these were peer reviewed.
    Reviewthe sample annotated bibliographyprovided by the University Library. Be sure to do the following for each bibliography:
    • Summarize the research study in your own words (at least 150 words).
    • Include the major areas of the research study, such as the sample, geographic location, and the outcome.
    • Bibliographies should not include any direct quotes or in-text citation.

    Formatyour assignment according to APA guidelines. Remember to alphabetize your annotated bibliograpy

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