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For the Final Project, create a five-section guide for the development and implementation of an effective board governance process and volunteer management plan for a nonprofit organization engaged in positive social change with which you are familiar.

Each section of the Final Project should include evidence-based best-practices that describe how to develop and implement an effective board governance process for the nonprofit organization, and where appropriate, a description of how to develop and implement an effective volunteer staff component for the organization. In particular, the Final Project should draw on the material covered in the course text, “The Handbook of Nonprofit Governance,” as well as other scholarly resources. The paper should have a minimum of 10 scholarly resources.

Your Final Project must demonstrate both breadth and depth of knowledge and critical thinking appropriate to graduate-level scholarship. It must follow APA Publication Manual guidelines and be free of typographical, spelling, and grammatical errors. The project should be a minimum of 15 pages and no longer than 20 pages in length (double-spaced), not including the title page, the abstract, and references.

The Final Paper will include the following elements:

  • Section 1: Due Day 7 of Week 3
    • Board Roles and Responsibilities
    • Board Structure
    • Committees

Be sure to include the role and responsibilities of the board in developing and overseeing the organization’s vision, mission, policies, administration, finance, personnel, and programs. Examine the role of standing committees, advisory committees, and ad-hoc committees. Include a recommended committee structure for the organization you have chosen, ensuring that the board can provide appropriate leadership and oversight in the areas of administration, finance, personnel, and programs.

  • Section 2: Due Day 7 of Week 4
    • Board-Executive Director Relationship and Oversight
    • Board Qualifications
    • Board Recruitment, Orientation, Training, and Retention

Identify at least three areas of knowledge, skills, and experience that you might require for individual members of the board and explain why these areas may be important for the organization and the board’s operations. Include a specific plan for the recruitment, orientation, ongoing training, and retention of board members. Explain the relationship of the board and the executive director and outline a process that the board should use for the recruitment, selection, oversight, and succession planning for the executive director.

  • Section 3: Due Day 7 of Week 6
    • Legal and Ethical Responsibilities
    • Policy Formulation
    • Fundraising
    • Financial Oversight

Explain the board’s legal and ethical responsibilities and why they are important for the organization’s success. Include your assessment of an organization’s responsibility to bring about positive social change regarding the underlying problems that the organization exists to address. Include a listing of essential policies that the board should adopt. Explain the responsibilities of individual board members regarding fundraising and the board’s responsibilities for financial oversight.

  • Section 4: Due Day 7 of Week 8
    • Strategic Thinking and Planning
    • Communications
    • Outreach

Explain the role of strategic thinking and planning in carrying out the organization’s vision and mission. Explain the elements of the strategic planning process. Include the role of the board in developing the strategic plan. Detail the communications and outreach role that the board can play in both implementing the strategic plan and attaining organizational goals and objectives.

  • Section 5: Due Day 7 of Week 9
    • Board Self-Evaluation

Explain the importance of board self-evaluation in carrying out the organization’s vision, mission, and programs. Include the importance of self-evaluation for the full board and for individual members of the board. Using the self-assessment survey on page 267 of the “Handbook of Nonprofit Governance,” provide an evaluation for the board of the organization you have chosen for the Final Project.

By Day 7

Submit the Final Project.

Reminder:Use proper APA formatting and include the following in your paper:

  • A title page and running head
  • Level 1 headings to define each part of the paper
  • A conclusion to synthesize the entire paper
  • A minimum of 10 scholarly sources to support your paper
  • In-text citations as appropriate
  • A reference list

Attached are the papers that were submitted and what needs to be tweaked. Per the professor for Week 3 and Week 4 assignments there was nothing wrong with them. However, for the other weeks more information needs to be added about the Nonprofit Agency that was chosen Sisterlove, Inc.

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