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Integrate clinical judgment in professional decision-making and implementation of the nursing process through analysis of community health nursing practice. (PO #4)

6. Recognize effective nursing skills and collaborative techniques used with consumers and other healthcare providers within all levels of healthcare. (PO #2)
8. Incorporate evidence-based practice in the planning of professional nursing care to individuals families aggregates and communities. (PO #8)
Submit your assignment to the appropriate basket in the Dropbox by 11:59 p.m. MT Sunday of Week 6.
POINTS: 250 Points
You are a Community/Public Health Nurse (C/PHN) working in your setting of choice. You have identified a community health problem and have analyzed the data collected from your windshield survey and assessment & diagnosis assignments. You have decided on a nursing intervention and need your organization?s approval for funding of this intervention. Your leadership team has agreed to listen to your proposal.
? Choose a community health nurse setting. Some examples of settings are school nurse parish nurse home health nurse nurse working in the health department (be specific to what area in the health department e.g. WIC STD clinic health promotion maternal-child health etc.)
? Introduce the identified problem and reiterate at least one or two important findings ? Propose one community health nursing intervention that would address one or more of the major direct or indirect factors that contribute to the problem. Keep in mind the Public Health Intervention Wheel (Nies & McEwen p. 14 figure 1-3) as your framework . Your intervention needs to be specific:
o Who is your target population?
o Where is this intervention taking place?
o Will it take place one time or multiple times?
o How will you reach out to your target population?
 How will you get your target population involved?
o Will you collaborate with anyone (e.g. physician?s office church local resources etc.?)
o Is anyone else involved besides yourself (C/PHN)?
 If yes are they paid or volunteers?
o What level(s) of prevention is your intervention addressing?
? Justify why the problem and your nursing interventions should be a priority.
o Based on what you have found in the literature discuss why these interventions are expected to be effective. Include at least two professional scholarly sources related to your interventions
? Evaluation: Your presentation must include at least one quantitative or qualitative evaluation tool. It should include your method along with desired outcomes. Outcome measurement is a crucial piece to implementing interventions. There is a helpful tool in Doc Sharing to assist you with understanding qualitative and quantitative methods of evaluation.
o What will be the long-term and short-term impact on your community if the intervention is ?successful?? Keep in mind your desired outcomes when analyzing the evaluation.
o The introduction should describe the problem in your community and your purpose for this presentation.
o The summary should reiterate the main points of the presentation and conclude with what you are asking to be accomplished e.g. ?Based on ABC it is imperative our community has XYZ. Thank you for your consideration.?


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